Cooking With Tofu….Why Not!

In the event you aren’t a vegetarian now and have not been one in  the past, you most likely also haven’t eaten tofu many  times. In fact, the one time most individuals hear about tofu it’s in jokes aimed toward vegetarians.

So why is it that vegetarians eat this stuff on a regular basis? Is is it simply because they don’t have any other choice?

The reply is each yes or no.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t suggest it’s a must to eat tofu. In  fact, there are many vegetarians who by no means eat tofu or any  fashionable meat-alternative dishes–corresponding to ‘veggie burgers”  or ‘tofurkey”–for that matter.

So long as they research and create meal plans, vegetarians can preserve a nutritious diet eating conventional meals or ethnic dishes.

Tofu is usually cited as something exclusively vegetarian  as a result of it is a versatile, highly-nutritional, and can be used to exchange meat dishes.

Not solely can or not it’s created in textures, consistencies, and flavors that simulate a variety of meats–from turkey to  hamburger–but it could also really change and much exceed  the nutritional value of similar meat dishes.

Whereas vegetarians don’t really must devour tofu, doing so is usually a smart dietary choice–and in addition the subsequent smartest thing to consuming similar meat products (for many who  loved meat dishes earlier than they turned vegetarians).

Tofu is a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-calorie food made  out of steamed and compressed soy beans. Not only is it an incredible source of protein–which many vegetarians lack–but  it is also heart-healthy and has been linked to a decreased risk in cancer.

In addition to being served as a meat alternative, tofu can be served in a variety of spicy and ethnic dishes, which  were by no means meant to contain meat. Many ethnic Indian  dishes include massive quantities of tofu cooked and spiced  in several ways.

So right here is my suggestion to you: In case you aren’t already a vegetarian, but want to change into one, don’t let tofu get in your way. You’ll be able to preserve a wholesome vegetarian  food plan without ever consuming it. Nonetheless, for those who already are a vegetarian, but haven’t tried tofu, I extremely counsel you  do. It’s both dietary and versatile – and it might not taste as bad as you think.


Get Up to with the Basic Diabetic Recipe Possibilities

Everyone knows that having diabetes can actually limit a number of the meals you’d need to eat, however with the precise Diabetic Recipes you possibly can still take pleasure in great food. To be completely certain about what to eat and what to not eat, you and your dietitian ought to work together to design a meal plan that is right for you and consists of meals that you just enjoy.

A diabetes weight loss program meal plan is a guide that tells you ways a lot and what kinds of meals you’ll be able to select to eat at meals and snack times. Needless to say whereas many Recipes for Diabetics are pretty easy and fast to make, some may be extra advanced and take longer. You will need to gather the correct diabetic provides when planning your recipes.

Fortuitously, there is most definitely a Diabetic Recipe of your favourite food. For instance, due to the excessive sugar content material of most desserts, many diabetics felt that they must give them up. Nonetheless, there are a lot of Diabetic Dessert Recipes that might be secure diabetics to eat. There are also many diabetic protected breads, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and another food category you’ll be able to think of. When you’ve got diabetes and do not need to hand over your favourite foods, strive a secure Recipe for Diabetics as a substitute, similar to a diabetic cake recipe or a diabetic cookie recipe.

For those who reside with diabetics or watching their weight, there are some fairly easy things which you could alter in many of your current recipes to make secure and wholesome Diabetic Recipes?  When you’ve got diabetes or are fearful about getting it, you can take away foods that have a excessive glycemic index or that might contribute to coronary heart disease, out of your each day diet.

A few of these recipes may incorporate small quantities of refined sugar per serving, while some could also be Sugar free Recipes. Recipes with refined sugar might not be suitable for all individuals with diabetes. Test with your doctor or registered dietitian, or nutritionist on methods to incorporate these recipes into your day by day meal plan. Some recipes may also be high in fiber (i.e. greater than 5 grams).

For some diabetics, carbohydrates from fiber sources could have a extra blunted effect on their blood glucose levels. Your Healthcare Supplier will be the finest particular person to tell you whether or not or not it’s worthwhile to regulate your insulin to carbohydrate ratio if much of the carbohydrate you’re consuming is fiber.

Specifically, foods corresponding to potatoes, corn, refined white flour products (pasta, noodles, pastries, truffles) needs to be reduced or averted completely in Diabetic Recipes. In addition, certain forms of fats are particularly unhealthy for the diabetic together with hydrogenated oils or fat (trans fats) which have really been related to the event of diabetes. Animal fats such as butter, full fat cheeses and other dairy merchandise needs to be lowered and low fats or non-fats merchandise used instead.

The main change to meals to make them a Recipe for Diabetics is to remove any fat except olive oil, to take away all sugar and use sugar substitutes, to add fiber, and use plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Now in fact you have heard all of this earlier than and perhaps it is boring but if you wish to keep yourself or your diabetic relative/partner healthy, then these are the basics.

In a Diabetic Recipe, you wish to use low glycemic foods comparable to most greens, fish, low fat meats and dairy products. Fish, specifically, is a very healthy food for the diabetic because of the excessive percentage of DHA fatty acids found in them. Wild caught salmon and sardines are best. These fish, when eaten a couple of times per week help to stop coronary heart illness and prostate cancer. A recent examine executed in Japan confirmed that folks whose main protein food is fish, have a very low price of coronary heart disease.

Beans and other legumes, reminiscent of lentils are glorious meals for diabetics. Add some vegetables and you will have an amazing vegetarian chili. For protein, you possibly can add tofu when cooking or a little bit of low fats cheese if you serve it. Vegetables to incorporate in Recipes for Diabetics are chard, kale, spinach, lettuce (especially romaine), celery, cucumber and most vegetables. Salads are very healthful; use olive oil within the dressing with lemon or vinegar and any herbs or spices that you just like.

Advergaming: Promoting By means of Video in Video games


The observe of using video games to promote a specific product or a corporation is known as “Advergaming”. Wired journal first used this time period in a column to describe the commissioning of free online



games by giant companies, in 2001. There are three categories of Advergaming:

1. ATL Advergaming,

2. BTL Advergaming

3. TTL Advergaming.

ATL Advergaming could be vaguely explained as a promotional video game. The enterprise incorporates interactive video video games on their web site in order to create extra awareness about their product among the many web site visitors. This methodology is also used to attract extra guests to the location and to extend the site visitors circulate on the website. In advergaming If the video games are made for product advertising, the product is highlighted within the game.

Advergaming- In the Beginning.

Before the invention of the internet, floppy disks and later compact disks were used as a medium to advertise games and in turn a specific product. It began with floppy disk principally to create consciousness in addition to product promotion. The primary Advergame was distributed by American House Food, which was developed by Chef Boyardee. Taco Bell and Coca Cola followed it by giving clients floppy disks containing promotional games. The primary Advergame to be distributed on compact disk was by Chex and Normal Mill. The graphics of these video games have matured from arcade style flash to 3-dimensional.

BTL Advergaming includes of recruitment tools like In-sport advertising, militiamen and edutainment. Normally the mascot of the actual firm is depicted because the hero in such games. Pepsi man and Burger man have been the mascots utilized in promotional games designed by Pepsi and Burger King respectively. The storyline of those video games can be industrial, educational or political like the sport American Army created to draw more youth in the direction of devoting their life to army and in addition video games meant to promote sports activities like Formulation One racing are also a part of this technique.

In-game advertising is more business kind and is purely focused for promotion of the product through the game. This is really selecting up and even motion pictures are promoted by this method. Like on the web site of the movie, The Mummy, there are games which have a storyline just like the film and the player is given knowledge of the info in regards to the movie and its topic, Egyptian Mummy. Educational Advergaming refers to video games that portray a moral message to the players.

These video games can also act as a medium of commercial themselves like within the video game of EA Sports activities; banners of Pepsi line the body of the game. By using this strategy the businesses are able to present low price or free video games to the consumers.  This is additionally effective in reducing the price of games which have a monthly fee.

Some other Strategies with Advergaming.

TTL Advergaming or through the line Advergaming is probably the most uncommon form of Advergaming. URL links are embedded into a game that takes the players to the online pages, which has BTL Advergaming. Completely different strategies are used to attract the participant to a particular webpage. In the recreation ” Enter the Matrix” URL hyperlinks are depicted in the background, which the player is forced to click on to study in regards to the details relating to the plot of the next degree and on the identical time advertises in regards to the product.

The curiosity to study concerning the theme of the game attracts the participant, although it won’t be necessary to click to finish the game.  Such kinds of games are usually referred to as link-chases as one hyperlink will lead to another. Web site visitors are typically tempted with a prize to immediate them to click on the URL a way that advegaming works.

This method of advertising is de facto beneficial as it not solely creates awareness among the many player but additionally amongst his pals who lands the website upon buddy’s suggestion. The success of Advergaming is dependent on word of mouth and thus is also called viral marketing. In the 12 months 2004, this trade generated around $83.6 million and involved one zero five million players.

The Significance of the Moon in Astrology

Many individuals consider that astrology solely issues the sun. That is due to the Western world view of astrology, which has taken on the form of Zodiac horoscopes. Nonetheless, in fact the study of astrology goes nicely beyond solar signs.

In the Eastern world, reminiscent of in China and India, the moon is actually the first consideration in research of astrology. The moon indicators and cycles are used to find out the best time for activities, and is part of daily life. This may increasingly appear backward to some, but really ends in extra accurate predictions in many instances than Western astrology can ascertain.

The moon performs a large role in astrology and astrological phenomena. The place and phase of the moon influences the opposite facets of astrology, together with sun signs and planetary movements. In actual fact, the moon influences different points of astrology as a whole.

Envision that astrology is made up of the examine of all of the planets and the sun. The astrological birth chart and the examine of how planetary alignments have an effect on sun indicators are based on these points of astrology. The moon truly influences this overall image, and might trigger sure facets of astrological phenomena to affect our lives in a different way than was in any other case predicted.

The moon, for the most part, influences our emotions. In sure phases of the moon, the predictions made by the research of astrological phenomena that might otherwise occur fail to occur, as a result of our feelings don’t produce the reactions to the astrological phenomena that may normally be expected. In other phases of the moon, astrological phenomena of planetary alignments and their impact on the Zodiac sun indicators are not altered from their authentic reading.

The influence of the moon on the Zodiac is a study in and of itself. When you are conscious of your solar signal, you can use information about the cycles of the moon and the moon indicators to determine the best time to make selections or keep away from certain activities. The moon indicators are named the same as the Zodiac, but don’t coincide with them.

The signs of the moon cycle every month relatively than every year. Each sign has three phases: ascending, true, and descending. Every signal influences our feelings otherwise, relying on our solar sign and pure tendencies. The phases of the moon additionally have an effect on our feelings and other facets of astrology.

When we study these influences that the moon holds over us and astrological phenomena, we can use this information to our advantage. For instance, throughout the brand new moon most people should not capable of rational thought. Understanding this may also help you to avoid major decision making in the course of the time of the full moon.

Your Business Journey And Your Diet



Enterprise journey could be a productive, pleasing and even exciting experience.  The time you spend doing enterprise in different locations expands your business attain and scope and broadens you as a person as well.  Getting expert at enterprise travel is a solid business goal as a result of there are expertise’s  associated to business journey and being productive on the street which can be inconceivable to study if you do not get out there and travel.

Many of the skills associated with business travel have to do with how to live productively on the road.  This is especially important if you find yourself on a lengthy business trip.  The life of moving in and out of hotels, traveling by car or airplane and the stresses of the work can wear down even the most robust and experienced business traveler.

Sustaining a healthy diet while traveling for enterprise is a severe problem and one that actually can only be achieved with some severe planning.  You’ll inevitably end up consuming in quite a lot of eating places on the road and that kind of food does not lend itself to a weight loss program that is designed for weight reduction or for a weight loss plan it’s essential to maintain for health reasons.

The first however largest step forward to reaching food regimen targets while touring is to communicate your needs to your touring companions.  In a business setting, there may be usually lots of encouragement to eat and drink well.  Everyone is on the expense account so it’s easy to overdo it.  However if you happen to let your coworkers and shoppers know you’ve got compelling causes to maintain a disciplined food plan, more often than not they may respect that and find ways that will help you be successful.

One other trick of business travel is to not depend on eating places in your meals entirely.  If you may get out to a market early within the journey and buy some recent fruit and greens, you possibly can put together some wholesome meals in your room to fill you up and keep you on track. Then should you discover that you must eat in a restaurant to discuss business with coworkers or construct relationships with the shopper, your appetite will probably be low so you can get by on a lot less.

You can even be a voice for moderation in the collection of eating institutions for your meals.  Obviously, quick meals shouldn’t be going to be a good choice for you.  So if there may be dialogue about the place to cease, you may vote for a place that serves a superb variety of meal decisions including some healthy selection menu options.  In that manner in case you must eat in a restaurant, you’ll find objects to order that may be prepared in accord along with your weight-reduction plan needs.

You’ll be surprised how many allies you will see that each in your journey associates and with these you’re doing business with at your vacation spot who’ve weight-reduction plan goals however have not been successful due to the temptations of the life on the road.  Your open assertion of intent to stay to your weight loss plan in spite of the trials of business travel generally is a tremendous inspiration to them.  Furthermore, by building partnerships in your intent to reside healthy, it is solely doable to take what you are promoting to a healthy restaurant or deli and permit the rest of the party to go to a place of their liking.  As long as that is performed without animosity, everyone wins.

Avoiding alcohol and snacks could be a enormous problem on the highway as well.  Very often in a seminar setting or during a long day of discussions, the host company or workplace will provide cookies or other snacks to assist the meeting go well by protecting all people’s blood sugar up.  These snacks are going to be exhausting to resist.  A method to assist your self in that scenario is to be ready with your personal snacks in your brief case to convey out to substitute for the unhealthy meals being provided.

By thinking ahead about your weight-reduction plan wants and the way you will provide for your self while touring, it is doable to sustain a wholesome lifestyle even throughout business trips.  By supplementing theses steps with train and rest, you could find that your weather the trip much better than those that abuse their bodies and find yourself more productive as a enterprise particular person as properly because you made the trouble to eat nicely on the road.

Numerous Methods To Use Twitter On Your iPhone

Maybe one of many predominant causes so many individuals purchase the iPhone is for the truth that it means that you can keep linked to the world in so many dynamic ways.  Instead of simply utilizing the phone to attach with your friends, you can do so by means of textual content messaging and even e-mail.  However, among the best methods to keep your online life transferring, even when you’re on the transfer, is by utilizing social networking sites.

Lots of the well-liked social networking sites will let you entry their site through your cellphone, however, the quality of service that you will get by your cellphone isn’t at all times desirable.  Top-of-the-line social networking sites that you can management when you are on the move is Twitter.

Twitter is predicated off of a primary concept to maintain friends and family connected, without having to use intensive steps to speak with them.  Once you personalize an iPhone, there are a number of suggestions which you can comply with to maintain your use of Twitter as seamless as possible.  Maybe one of the easiest ways to stay linked with Twitter via your iPhone is through your SMS system, or by way of text messaging.  It is a very handy method to preserve updates about what you’re doing to all your family and friends, and all it takes is typing a brief message by means of your SMS screen and sending it to a particular number.  It is very easy to set this up on your iPhone, all you have to do is ensure you verify your telephone quantity on Twitter’s web site, after which you can start sending updates to the individuals who matter, no matter where you are.

Another great technique to keep your Twitter website up to date is thru visiting their mobile website.  When you have got an iPhone, you are in all probability going to be on the Web more than you would probably imagine.  Whether you’re in a waiting room, sitting in school or on a bus, you will be checking your e-mail and other well-liked sites.  Of course, you probably have a Twitter account, than you’ll want to replace your standing while killing time.

You are able to do this in a particular web site that was particularly designed for use on your cell phone.  You will be able to update your account, view your friends’ accounts and do the whole lot other that you normally would, but now, it’s on your cell phone.

In  the present day’s world plainly we’re busier than ever before, thus making the need to keep related to those you care about extraordinarily important. One strategy to keep in touch with your friends and family is through having a great cell phone, such because the iPhone.  Nonetheless, additionally being apart of an online social networking group, like Twitter, it is possible for you to to maintain your family and friends in-the-know, without having to worry about spending pointless quantities of time on the phone.

The greatest side of the iPhone is the truth that it streamlines all forms of communication, whether or not it be via text messaging or with checking your e-mail, the iPhone will take any problem out of speaking with the world around you.

Cooking for Pleasure

Are you somebody who stresses in relation to cooking?. Of course this isn’t limited to stove top cooking. There are a lot of women and men around the globe who find cooking to be an extremely pleasurable pastime along with traditional stove top cooking or even barbecuing on a grill. The main distinction occurs in how you perceive your cooking projects.

How Do Your View Cooking?

Whereas this question is requested considerably rhetorically, it is a question you should ask your self and answer. Do you view cooking as a chore or obligation or do you view it as a project? There is something far more thrilling about embarking on a new venture than getting round to a loathsome chore. Should you do view cooking as a chore the more vital query is likely to be why?

Some common causes that individuals dislike cooking embody the next: lack of ability, insecurity, boredom, or you can merely dislike the inevitable clear up excess of you benefit from the technique of cooking. For every of these, there are answers in case you are prepared to make the effort.

A scarcity of skill relating to cooking may be simply corrected normally by taking just a few cooking classes. Lessons are supplied for various levels of skill sets and are meant to help you develop your cooking skills while instructing you the fundamentals of meal planning and preparation. You may increase your abilities by taking more classes down the road.


While a insecurity is a little more tough to handle having a number of ‘dinner events’ wherein your quests can compliment your culinary abilities can typically clear up this specific dilemma. The key on this course of is to plan your menu carefully and stay effectively inside your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed on the splendidly rich and delicious meals that may be ready with little or no effort if you’re willing to sift by way of the recipe books in order to find them.

Boredom in the kitchen is probably one of many best problems to fix there is. The solution is exceedingly easy-discover a challenge. Try cooking Thai or Indian cuisine. Strive tougher recipes. Try making only meals from scratch or simply strive broadening your use of spices and seasonings. There are numerous things you can do with a view to carry some pleasure back into your kitchen. Chances are you’ll even discover hidden skills and tastes in the process.

There all the time be clean up. My suggestion is to make a deal with both your companion or your children and so they can draw straws over who cleans up. After all if this gained work in your family, you may at all times flip over a brand new leaf and clear as you go whenever possible. This makes the clear up course of after dinner so much simpler to deal with that it’s well price a number of additional minutes during meal prep.

Cooking for pleasure is actually the only technique to cook. In case you have difficulties relating to discovering the enjoyment and leisure value of cooking, perhaps it’s time you carry some enjoyable back into your kitchen. For those who’re barbecuing, put on some Jimmy Buffet and dance around your kitchen. In the event you’re cooking Italian find some good Italian music to set the mood. Cooking is about having fun within the kitchen and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Feng Shui- A Resident Energy

How Feng Shui Influences Dwelling Energy, Enterprise Life and Office Reply Time

Many people know concerning the historic tradition of Feng shui. In a nutshell, Feng Shui is the Chinese language tradition of manipulating power to be able to produce harmony inside a certain place.

So how does Feng Shui have an effect on residence vitality, enterprise life and office reply time?

Effectively, the principle of Feng Shui operates on the essential principle of Yin and Yang: concord between the dark and the light. In an effort to have true concord, practitioners of Feng Shui attempt to organize issues round them in such a means that they will manipulate the power to a balance.

The most recognizable image of Feng Shui is the octagon. The octagon or Ba Gua represents the eight instructions of chi that have to be balanced in order so that you can have good fortune. Just lately, it has been found that octagonal homes are literally extra energy efficient. Fairly a coincidence, wouldn’t you agree?

Feng Shui influences dwelling energy due to the speculation that inserting the totally different elements of a home corresponding to the stairs, the furnishings and the door can influence the circulation of chi vitality via your home. This is able to lead to totally different effects.

In Feng Shui, it’s believed that blockage to the chi could cause pretty big problems regarding business. In this world at the moment, many people are learning tips on how to respect one another’s beliefs on what affects business. We dwell in a global community. Therefore, all of us ought to know how you can do enterprise with each other.

Right now, many westerners are researching Feng Shui due to the easy undeniable fact that many Asian businessmen would stop a deal if they feel that something is not right with the power of the environment.

Thus, Feng Shui influences business life by allowing folks to relate to each other within the phrases of business. Whenever you observe the right Feng Shui of a place, you show people that you’ve a respect for every tradition. This is able to put you within the forefront of your business community.

But how does Feng Shui affect workplace reply time?

Everyone knows that in order for an office to operate correctly, communications should always be in order. This means that individuals ought to be capable of talk to others throughout the workplace itself. Thus, workplace reply time may be very crucial to each person working contained in the office.

As talked about before, Feng Shui has so much to do with the placement of objects within the area. When designing a spot, you not only think about the time issue however the Feng Shui as well. In many circumstances, these two are sometimes conflicted.

Some Feng Shui consultants, when noting constructing plans, usually have stairways change places or even have steps added with a purpose to have harmony. Which means your plans for fast workplace reply time could also be placed on maintain in favor of Feng Shui.
Have you ever walked into a spot and straight away get a bad feeling? Some practitioners say that it is one manifestation of a place having bad Feng Shui.

Placement of objects isn’t the only factor that influences Feng Shui. The colours and materials used for sure objects also influences the best way chi energy moves across the house. For instance, wooden furniture can enhance chi within the south, whereas ceramic or clay calms it.

Chi vitality flows everywhere. However, you possibly can truly make sure modifications with the intention to gather extra chi and promote good fortune.

Water promotes chi, that’s why you’ll see that in each Chinese restaurant they at all times have an aquarium. Sure forms of fish, like a koi, truly helps promote good fortune.

The concept of Feng shui affecting home vitality, enterprise life and workplace reply time might appear to be fairly fat-fetched to the westerner. However, you must understand that some Asians take these things pretty seriously, and if you intend to have harmonious business relations with Asians, it’s possible you’ll want to brush up on the different ideas of Feng Shui.

Here’s a ultimate phrase: many issues happen without any explanations. Feng Shui is one of those issues that have neither been proven nor disproved. Thus, an individual should correctly respect another’s beliefs in order for them to take care of a harmonious relationship.

In spite of everything, you don’t want to be judged as you judge different people, do you?

St. Patrick’s Day Holiday!

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday which celebrates Saint Patrick.  Saint Patrick was one of the patron saints of Ireland credited with spreading the Catholic religion to many areas of Ireland.  St. Patrick’s Day takes place on the 17th day of March each year, which is the day which Saint Patrick died.

St. Patrick’s Day is a nationwide vacation in Ireland with many companies being closed on the day.  In other parts of the world, especially the US and Canada, it is broadly celebrated but is just not an official government holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day is a holy day of obligation for Roman Catholics in Ireland.  Curiously sufficient, sometimes the church authorities transfer the date of the vacation because of its clash with different holy days.  In 2008 that is the case, and it shall be moved to March fifteenth to keep away from Holy Monday.

Catholics world wide will start off their St. Patrick’s Day with a Mass service which is held to indicate the holiday.

Right here within the United States, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by everybody being of Irish first rate for the day.  The day has develop into more of a secular vacation than one of religion.  Right here within the United States St. Patrick’s Day has taken on extra of a which means of celebrating the beginning of spring.  This goes together with the tradition of sporting green on the day, as a result of inexperienced is both the color of Eire as well as the color which signifies life and growth.  It is mentioned that you may be lucky for the approaching Spring if you happen to wear green on the holiday.

Amazingly, St. Patrick’s Day began being celebrated right here within the United States with a parade in Queens New York in 1737, well earlier than the Revolutionary War.  Since that day, parades are a very fashionable technique to have a good time St. Patrick’s Day.

Many people wear a shamrock on the vacation to indicate good luck.  Nonetheless, the roots of this custom, it is mentioned, come from St. Patrick utilizing a shamrock to explain to the pagans the concept of the Holy Trinity.  Within the Catholic Religion, the Holy Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, which Christians know all stem from the identical God.  The three leaves of the shamrock all related to the identical stem were used to elucidate this idea to the pagans.  If you’re carrying a shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day, it means you can claim good luck or blessings on that day and for the remainder of the year.

In addition to the shamrock, many individuals consider that the cute little fictitious Leprechaun character can carry you good luck.  Because of this many individuals put on Leprechaun pins and different memorabilia on St. Patrick’s Day in addition to a shamrock.

One of the enjoyable and very talked-about traditions which matches together with St. Patrick’s Day is the consumption of green ale.  Many bars and pubs add inexperienced meals coloring to their beer on the vacation to serve to their customers.  In addition to the green ale, many individuals also bask in Irish Cream and Irish Whisky on the day as well.  For the kids, a nice inexperienced lemonade or 7UP make great non-alcoholic alternatives.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

The Astrological Signs of Bad Habits

Astrology is a fancy topic, and when it comes to unhealthy habits it is no different.  There are a lot of particulars to contemplate about any individual when discussing their astrological sign.  Beginning date is only one of them.  However, it’s fun to dabble in astrology and discover out the overall rules for the astrology of Bad habits.

Capricorns are said to be persistent, hard workers.  Perhaps that is why they’re considered workaholics.  They’re pushed to get the job achieved no matter how long it takes.

In reality, they may not stop with the job at hand, but go on to different jobs instead of going home and relaxing on the end of the day.  They may also help curb these dangerous habits by protecting a gratitude journal.

Aquarius is a sign given to impartial people.  In many ways this can be a good thing.  Nevertheless, they have the bad habits of shutting people out of their lives.  They do like novelty, though. Close relationships that involve a inventive side are for them.

Alcoholism is among the main unhealthy habits of individuals born under the Pisces sign.  The standard treatments for alcoholism apply to them, just as they do for anybody else.  Bad habits like this are arduous to overcome.

Aries is a sign of selfish people.  The best way for them to fight that is to care for another living being.  Taurus people thrive on clutter.  All they want is a bit direction in methods to get organized.  These are both fairly innocuous bad habits.

When you reside with a Gemini, then you most likely find yourself speaking to the air at times.  A Gemini has unhealthy habits when it comes to listening to individuals talking to them.  If you don’t discuss to them, they are going to ultimately beg you to do so.

Cancer peoples’ sugar addictions can only be aided by substituting sweets like dried fruits, for example.  Their unhealthy habits are based on oral gratification.  Leos are all full of themselves.  They will keep up their bad habits of bragging on themselves till they be taught to be different.  They can do this by practicing complimenting people.

Virgos have more habits that can be good or bad habits.  It relies upon upon the way you have a look at them.  Virgos are bent on perfection.  Nothing is ever good enough for them.  In the event you encourage them to lighten up and have some enjoyable, they can cut back these dangerous habits.

Libras love to look at fairly things. It might be nice if they’d spend their time taking walks in the garden, or going to fantastic arts museums.  However, many Libras go to another extreme.  They develop into shopaholics to gratify the urge to be round beautiful things.  These are costly unhealthy habits to have.

Scorpio individuals can have the dangerous habits of getting very angry and holding onto that anger for a long time.  Doing enjoyable issues like getting a therapeutic massage will help them ease away their anger.  Finally, there are the Sagittarians.  These individuals have the unhealthy habits of going overboard with honesty.  They just must be taught just a little compassion and tact.

While these descriptions may not apply to you, a detailed evaluation of your horoscope could reveal one thing extra telling.  Or, you might not believe them at all.  In any case, discover your unhealthy habits by no matter means it takes and eradicate them.

The Benefits of an Excellent After School Program that You Should Know

Children develop up in a society that demands experience in everything. You
really cannot sit again and resolve that learning from textbooks is sufficient
for the overall growth of your child. It is the age of specialization
and your child cannot afford to overlook out on this window of opportunity.
So, scour your locality for the most advantageous programs and enroll them
for the ones you think are the best.

After school programs are mainly designed to develop a talent or a
ability that is ignored by common schools. These programs could be
instructional or recreational in nature. Whatever sort they are, they
principally goal to maintain the child lively and interested.

Crucial advantage of an excellent after school program is that it
widens your child’s space of interests. She or he is launched to new
things, typically interesting, sometimes challenging. Mastering a brand new artwork
type or a new skill will increase the child’s self-esteem. It additionally allows you
to introduce your child to new profession options. A toddler attending a music
class could determine that she likes it so much that she wants to make a career
out of it within the long run.

Socialization is another great benefit of after school programs.
Youngsters get to fulfill others who share their pursuits and make new
friendships. An appearing class or a soccer class might be lots of fun. Lots of
these applications coach kids for performances or matches. Performing on
stage or playing a match could be a great experience for a young child.

After faculty applications maintain your teenager busy. He or she thus has some
quantity of safety from harmful habits like medication and alcohol.
Surveys indicate that kids who are kept busy by means of numerous absorbing
activities are much less prone to abuse, depression and burnout. Significant
enhance in achievement and attendance and a reduction in drop out rates
are other benefits of a superb after faculty programs.

Most after faculty packages have youngsters interacting with a number of
adult. This permits them to learn from positive relationships with
adults. Youngsters often discover it troublesome to speak in confidence to dad and mom and
academics, however could open up with other adults.

Many youngsters are put into recreational after school applications so that they
cut back weight and remain healthy. A newly emerging development shows that about
15% children below the age of sixteen are obese. Mother and father who can not put their
youngsters on a strict diet resort to sports and games to burn fat. With
instances of kid diabetes on the rise, this has develop into a prime focus of
many after school programs.

A great after faculty program has many benefits. It keeps the child
entertained as well as busy, and thus prevents kids from becoming
hooked on TVs and PCs. By giving them ways to dissipate their excess vitality
and discover their creativity, after school applications help to shape the
overall character of the child.


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There are two general classifications of RC automobiles in response to the facility supply:

1) Electric- This RC automotive sort is the most typical kind out there today. This could be because of the fact that most toy companies make one of these RC automobile for children or newbie RC automobile enthusiasts. Some benefits of the electrical RC automobile are: . a) Noiseless- Which means an electrical-powered RC automobile can be utilized with out causing a number of disturbance (excluding, after all, the quantity of people that will unwittingly trip over your machine).This also mean that you can use it stealthily. Countless motion pictures have featured the usage of electrical RC cars in recording conversations or taking hidden videos. Make your spy desires come true!

b) Smokeless- Since one of these RC automobile makes use of electrical energy to power it, there is no such thing as a smoke output when the engine is running. It is because no combustion occurs throughout the engine of the RC car.


a) Restricted operating time- An electric RC automotive runs on batteries. Due to this, the facility it might use to run is proscribed to the capacity of the battery. A consumer who goes for any such RC automotive has to deal with the delay of charging batteries or changing them each time that they run out of power.

b) Limited power- The power of electrical RC automobiles is proscribed not only by way of time, but also in terms of intensity. Put plainly, electrical-powered RC automobiles just don’t run as fast as gasoline powered models. If you’re in search of pace, this is not the RC automobile for you.

2) Fuel powered- There’s one factor that must be stated about gasoline powered RC cars: you can not put gasoline in it. Fuel powered RC vehicles make use of a particular mixture of gasoline with the intention to run.

Advantages: a) Speed- Many individuals are opting for fuel powered RC cars primarily due to the fact that they are much faster than electric RC cars.

b) Longevity- Gas powered RC automobiles can run for lengthy occasions earlier than they need to be refueled. Which means that you get to make use of your RC automobile for an extended time. Thus, you get to have more fun.


a) Smoke- Since fuel powered RC cars run due to combustion; it is pure that there can be smoke coming out of the car. Which means you won’t have the ability to use your RC automotive indoors.

b) Noise- Gasoline powered RC cars make a lot of noise. This may both be a optimistic or a damaging, depending on your attitude. For some individuals, the noise that one of these RC automotive may also help them get consideration from other folks (Hey, some folks do purchase RC cars to get seen).

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Astrology In America And Different Elements Of The World

It is fascinating to notice that whereas only roughly thirty-one percent of adults in the United States consider in astrology, research studies show that fifty-two percent of Europeans take into account astrology to be a science.

The main types of astrology that are predominantly in present observe are Indian astrology, Western astrology, and Chinese astrology.  Within the United States, Western astrology is probably the most popular.  Probably the most effectively-known aspect of Western astrology is the zodiac signal;  based mostly on the belt of constellations, every of which was interpreted as resembling various figures, the zodiac signs (or, additionally known as the astrological indicators) are known as Aries (the ram), Taurus (the bull),  Gemini (the twins),  Cancer (the crab), Leo (the lion), Virgo (the virgin),  Libra (the scales),  Scorpio (the scorpion),  Sagittarius (the archer),  Capricorn (the goat), Aquarius (the water-bearer),  Pisces (the fishes).

Horoscopes, that are probably the most basic interpretations, are based mostly on which sign was in effect when an individual was born;  and whether an individual was born on the “cusp,” which suggests the very starting or very end of the actual sign.  Along with using a sign to find out life occasions and predict one’s future, an indication is also considered related to learning about particular characteristics of 1’s character and even predisposition towards varied potential health situations, as one’s signal is believed to govern sure parts of one’s body.  Odd as it might sound, many who have carefully studied this sort of info have found it to be quite accurate.  For instance, while each Virgo shouldn’t be “practical,” “fastidious,” and “strong-minded,” this trait is indeed a common issue amongst many who had been born below this signal;  and whereas all who have been born beneath the signal of Virgo don’t develop abdomen, intestinal, or reproductive difficulties, many Virgos are certainly more susceptible to these problems than other people.

One other type of astrology is Indian astrology, which can be known as Jyotisa, or Vedic astrology.  Its basis is the idea of connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm the smaller parts and the universal.  Though interest in Vedic astrology is widespread, as it’s presently practiced in India it’s a vital a part of their culture, as individuals depend on it for all of the important selections in their lives, from enterprise to marriage.

During the previous few decades, Indian astrology has grow to be internationally fashionable, nevertheless it has been part of India’s culture for centuries.  Vedic astrology is claimed to have first been revealed more than 7000 years ago.  Thus, what is claimed to have originated with the Brahma has spread in recognition to such locations as Arizona, which is the home of the American College of Vedic Astrology, presently offering on-line courses for these thinking about learning the best way to become licensed astrologers.  Most astrologers offering Vedic astrology readings, however, are situated in India.

Chinese language astrology is predicated on the calendar cycle, reasonably than on constellations.  On this form of astrology, the zodiac signs are named after animals the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.  Going by the Chinese language calendar, every of these animals are assigned to the lunar months.  The animals are additionally assigned to the time of day throughout which the individual person was born.

In addition to the animals, there are 5 elements wood, hearth, earth, metal, water that are believed to switch the traits of the animals signs.  One of many main purposes and functions is to realize balance, and to have an effect on no matter changes are essential with a purpose to obtain that balance.  Chinese language astrology, additionally, has begun to attain widespread recognition in America.

Feng Shui- The Stability of it All: A Question of Balance

Feng Shui is the artwork of placing and situating a structure so it’s in concord with nature. Also known as “Kanyu”, cultural and social factors are influenced by cosmological, metaphysical and pure factors.

To utilize this historic approach, it is a must to know the affect of cosmology on earth. You also needs to have information of how astronomy and astrology influence the place of buildings. You additionally want to know Confucian classic, the weathering course of, the forces of nature, the magnetic fields and how these all influence us. If you concentrate on it, which could be loads to study.

The historical past of Feng Shui originated within the West Han dynasty round third century BC. Those that apply it think about that the earth is alive with energy. If people constructed a structure on a land that has revitalizing power, then they’d prosper. If that is placed in a web site with unhealthy energy, misfortune will occur.

Initially, Feng Shui was used to assist place tombs for individuals who have died slightly than for building houses for the living. Back then, they believed that selecting an important burial website will convey peace and prosperity to those who remained proper here on earth.

The instrument used to select the correct burial web site was usually often known as the “Lo Pan.” This invention was traced again to the Yellow Emperor the place it’s talked about that the “Lady of the 9 Heavens” gave him this knowledge.

This historical compass was referred to as the Hin Shi and is described as a square base often known as a diviner’s board, holding a bowl of water which floated a magnetic south pointing spoon. The Hin Shi then developed into the “Lo Pan” and all through the Sang Dynasty, this was used to navigate at sea. When this was dropped at Europe someplace throughout the thirteenth Century, this was better often known as the compass which helped navigators discover the rest of the world.

However going once more to Feng Shui, if the “Lo Pan” could be utilized to pick good burial web sites, could not it do the same for erecting buildings the place people might reside? The answer is yes and so this technique was now used to research the orientations in a relationship to the primary door, the mattress and the stove.

Since then, both the rich and the poor incorporate this in their architecture. Archeological research have proven that ancient Chinese language language metropolis planners had been made in concentric rectangles surrounded by partitions that had been then surrounded by lakes, hills, valleys, gardens, courtyards and parks which have been to boost optimistic energy.

As for buildings, these had been constructed to spice up a wholesome relationship between members of the family and the country.

That’s where Yin and Yang comes during which this is thought of to be the foundation of the universe. Coming from Taoism, these two are full opposites that can’t exist with out the other.

For them, the left side of the establishing should symbolize Yang or the male energy whereas Yin or the female energy is on the right.

Examples of Yang thus far included sunlit roofs, constructed areas and an elevation in the front. For Yin, there should be empty areas, shadowed eaves, set once more buildings and elevations throughout the back.

The history of Feng Shui was nearly forgotten when the communists took over in 1949. If it wasn’t for the masters who practiced it and shipped it out to Hong Kong or China, we’d have in no way acknowledged it existed. Feng Shui made its choice to the US only within the 1970’s. Numerous articles and exhibits have centered on it and other folks now use it to assist in setting up a house or a building.
Enhancing Your Life With Feng Shui

The standard apply of Feng shui is likely one of the oldest forms of geomancy in the world and may be traced again as far as 3500 years ago in historic China.  The phrase actually means wind and water and this observe believes throughout the notion that qi or vital power can tremendously influence and enhance a person’s life by reaching steadiness and harmony in their surroundings.

To make use of this apply means having to recognize the connection between man and the atmosphere he lives in. The important thing to this follow is locating the all vital qi by arranging objects inside or outdoor of your non-public house and even your office area in order that qi repeatedly flows freely within the home thereby producing a positive influence in numerous sides of your life.  This historic apply and perception continues to be being utilized proper now and listed here are some methods where the artwork of stability and harmony might make a distinction in a person’s life.

Using the 5 Phases Technique

The 5 phases technique depends throughout the 5 elements or phases of fireside, earth, steel, water and wood.  These components interrelate with one another via a creation cycle where fireplace produces earth, earth produces metallic, steel produces water and water produces wood.  Every ingredient also corresponds to a particular path the place water is placed within the north, fire is the south, east is wooden, west is metallic and earth is the center.

One of many easiest ways to use this technique is to make it possible for your room or the realm you live in has a balance of all these components to produce good qi in some other case an extreme amount of of a particular issue might go towards the other parts and produce dangerous qi instead.

Using the Flying Stars Methodology

Probably basically the most troublesome methodology to use Feng shui is the flying star method which takes under consideration the date your house or office was constructed, an in depth flooring plan and the floor environment of the place.  It is much like having a start register astrology solely this time it is your property’s starting sign.

Though this methodology will in all probability be complex, it’s probably the most right of methods and often carried out by grasp practitioners of the craft.  What this method aims to attain is to harmonize your area by discovering out the proper parts to reinforce it and the weather that must be avoided.

Utilizing the Eight Mansions Methodology

Essentially the most nicely-appreciated software of Feng shui is the eight mansions technique or the Ba Zhai.  This technique requires you to calculate your kua quantity based on your delivery date.  This can assist you determine your auspicious course as a result of every kua amount corresponds to a specific direction.

This technique goals to go looking out out which directions are good for you and which to avoid.  It additionally helps you uncover out in case you’re acceptable with that precise space you”re dwelling or staying in.  Discovering out the easiest path for you and enhancing that house may enable you grow to be more productive when it comes to career, relationships, properly being and luck.

Feng shui-Proof in  Your Life

Testimonies of some nice advantages of this ancient follow are many and its effectiveness could be traced from historic situations in any other case this apply wouldn’t have survived today.  The concept is straightforward and everyone can benefit with some semblance of balance and concord of their lives.  It is just a matter of recognizing the worth of qi and making certain the complete thing in your environment brings you peace.

Astrology, Medicine, Astronomy



There was a time when astrology was an accepted science and was part of medical diagnoses, as much as were a patient’s physical symptoms. It’s exhausting to say whether or not we’ve e-volved or de-volved, as we no longer take into consideration residing in harmony with cosmos. We contemplate ourselves too advanced scientifically to assume that actions within the stars and planets might need a serious impact on our each day lives and our health.

But are we right. Who is anyone to say that man, with his restricted brain, can really comprehend the workings of the universe, or how he fits within it. Western civilization is predicated on conquering, not understanding. But it surely wasn’t at all times so.

Astrology is among the most vital historical contexts through which astronomy developed. The Babylonians rigorously assembled tablets of the place of Venus, as it was believed to indicate omens for climate, battle, famine, diseases, rulers and kingdoms. Claudius Ptolemy composed the Tetrabiblos, believing that astrology may very well be positioned on a rational footing, despite being a conjectural art like medicine. In apply, perception in astrology meant that horoscopes had been solid for new-born kids, prospective spouses and political enemies, public buildings had been opened and marriage and different ceremonies conducted on auspicious days. Quite a few information of astrological follow might be discovered from the Roman instances and physicians routinely consulted astrological charts as part of the diagnostic process.

As an illustration, every sign of the zodiac was considered to rule a part of the human body: the Sagittarius ruled the thighs, Pisces the feet, and so on. When the moon was in the zodiac ruling a specific part of the physique, bloodletting from that part was to be avoided, because the attraction of the moon may cause excessive bleeding. Numerous medical manuscripts and almanacs embody the determine of the ‘zodiac man’ as a reminder of the particular affect of the moon. In addition, the power of the moon’s pulling energy assorted by its phases, and thus almanacs normally confirmed the phases of the moon.

What are the Elements in astrology?

Teams of signs in astrology share certain traits which can be categorized in response to 4 earthly elements – fire, air, water and earth. It helps clarify why some indicators are more suitable than others.

The Fire signs are Aries (March 21 to April 19), Leo (July 23 to August 22)  and Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21). Hearth persons are leaders, dynamic. They light up every thing around them. As a result of Fire needs Air to exist, Fire signs are most suitable with the Air signs. Water is anathema to Fire and a Water person might attempt to dampen the dynamism and enthusiasm that defines Fire.

The Air indicators are Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), Gemini (May 21 to June 21) and Libra (September 23 – October 22). These are the concept indicators, the air that breathes a spark right into a flame. They would not be tied down. They require freedom of movement and thought.

The water signs of Cancer (June 22 to July22), Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) and Pisces (February 19 to March 20) are characterized by the phrase still waters run deep. They’re emotional and delicate, given to deep ideas and conversations. Just as water can blur a picture or cover secrets and techniques within its depths, so do Water indicators have secretive emotions and abilities.  The Water indicators are most suitable with Earth signs.

The Earth indicators are Taurus (April 20 – Could 20), Virgo (August 23 to September 22) and Capricorn (December 22 to January 19). They are steady and consistent. While not as compassionate because the water indicators, they’re nonetheless nurturing. They are often inflexible (stick within the mud) and easily stuck in routines. They are most suitable with Water indicators, as Water is necessary for the Earth to properly nurture growing things. Earth helps Water include itself, which is often vital for survival on the planet.

Costa Rican Culture And The Diversity

Costa Ricans are literally a detailed knit people who are homebound until they get married or go away home for college. Many events like baptisms and weddings are distinguished among native Costa Ricans as a result of this is the place they have the largest turnout of family and friends. Traditions are additionally gender primarily based and plenty of tourists find out about that when they go to the country. What makes Costa Rica different from different countries is their follow of a lukewarm approach to Catholicism that mixes an odd ritual of parties and religious celebrations in the course of the time mostly Catholic and Indian traditions.

Tourists could be fortunate to catch natives engaged in rituals widespread to them. Most of the things that natives try this vacationers are fortunate to catch are largely religious based mostly since Costa Ricans are Catholic and it’s all church or family primarily based after they have a good time special occasions. Even the most non-conventional vacationer will get the sensation they’re right at dwelling after they go to Costa Rica since much of the life-style there may be all based on beneficent hospitality.

There’s so much you are able to do while on a Costa Rican trip and the actions are limitless the place you are able to do like trying at the rare wildlife like macaws, leatherback turtles, morpho butterflies, and the central American squirrel monkey. They offer excursions of the rainforests there and even jungle safaris. You too can get a chance to see migrating whales, various dolphin species, sea turtles, and manatees when they migrate by the realm at particular times of the year.

The meals is a mix of Mexican, Spanish, Caribbean, and Southern American influences so many Individuals who come to visit Costa Rica really feel as if they’re right at residence for the reason that tradition is so numerous in ethnicity regardless that the national language is Spanish so anybody who visits who’s fairly fluent in Spanish will be capable of talk and fit in with the people at the same time as a visitor.

Much of the most lush and beautiful flora is close to the volcanoes due to the ashes it provides off truly works as a fertilizer since the lava had burned away outdated crops giving new development nutrient wealthy soil to develop from. Many individuals come from far and huge to spend a number of days basking within the sun and taking in a few of the culture and language since Costa Rica’s nationwide language is Spanish. The perfect time to visit Costa Rica is between December and April which is the period of the dry season and Could by November once they undergo the rainy season.

Another traditional Costa Rican delicacies is ‘Arroz  con pollo’ (rice and hen), the dish has chunk sized rooster chunks mixed with rice and diced vegetables of carrots, peas, corn and garbanzo beans (identified in America as chick peas).  Which is usually made as a weekend meal is named ‘Olla de Carne’ which is a soup made up by boiling water, meat often chicken, and entire to massive pieces of greens and seasoned with spices.

Tourists should pay attention to all pure disasters and who they tour the nation with as a result of if you do not know the realm or language you are stuck and plenty of People have gone lacking in foreign lands because they go off with folks they do not know very well so to make your journey a memorable experience to do your homework totally earlier than you intend a trip to Costa Rica so you recognize all of the vital details of how long you’re staying and where you’ll be staying at in terms of motels or resorts.

How Astrology Can Be Helpful In Your Life

Astrology may be much more than an leisure, it can be very useful to you in lots of conditions and plenty of areas of your life. Astrology could be useful if you end up confronted with difficulties, dilemmas, and questions;  and it will also serve a great objective in your average, everyday life.  When you’ve got either particular issues or merely common, primary issues, gaining perception into astrology will assist provide you with the solutions you might be looking for.

Many people first develop an curiosity in astrology as a result of they want to know about their futures what’s on their explicit horizon, what to expect within the day ahead or the approaching weeks, months, or even longer.  But whereas this certainly is among the most fascinating aspects of astrology, it turns into even higher when you find yourself advised that the wealth of information which is offered to you in your readings just isn’t solid, unchangeable truth, however moderately extra like a map which, with assistance and determination, you’ll be able to be taught to navigate.  Your readings will tell you what’s likely to occur however it’s your responses to every set of circumstances in your on a regular basis life which can decide the final word outcome.  With the ability to know the “possible future” prematurely could be a great assist when you’re making your each day selections and decisions.

The subject of relationships is a topic-of-curiosity to many people who consult astrology for information and advice.  No matter your relationship-standing, astrology might be helpful.  If you’re in a longterm, committed relationship, akin to marriage, astrology can help you in better understanding your mate, and higher communication.  If you’re contemplating a special person as a “potential,” astrology can help you to determine whether you and your particular person are compatible.  If you’re, as many who grow to be astrology-curious are, wishing for there to be a significant person in your life, it could possibly enable you to gain a better view to what type of particular person you’re looking for, and how much person could be finest for you.

Whether or not you go for the generalized horoscopes in your daily newspaper or to seek the advice of with knowledgeable astrologer, astrology will provide you with a a lot clearer view into your personal personality and its workings.  Whereas it might sound odd, and even impossible, that being born underneath a  sure sign virtually universally factors toward specific personality traits and traits, for those who do a bit of investigating into what your signal states about you, you may be surprised at how accurate this information is!  In addition, when this information is straight in front of you to take a look at, you will then have the opportunity to resolve if there are traits and traits which you want to have an effect on some extent of change upon, as well as seeing all of the constructive facets of your character and deal with them to make decisions for such components as what type of profession you are finest suited for.

Astrology can also be useful when it comes to regarding different people.  Upon studying the character characteristics of your individual sign, and following that with the traits of these with whom you work together in your on a regular basis life, you’ll be able to obtain a better grasp on the dynamics of interacting.  Learning about how each individual’s signal-decided character traits have an effect on their interactions with others can be a fantastic asset in understanding your family members, coworkers, and others in your every day life.  It’s going to show you how to to appreciate each individual’s strengths;  and it’ll also aid you in avoiding doable friction;  therefore creating better relationships and better communication.

Astrology Terms

Astrology may or may not be “science,” depending on who you ask.  But, one similarity it does bear to science is a large collection of terms.  Natal charts and horoscopes can be as simple as “your sun sign is Gemini.”  Or, they can be extremely complex, taking into account exactly where and when the individual was born, where each of the planets, sun, and moon were positioned at that moment, and then measuring how each of those bodies related to each other.

In the Eastern world, such as in China and India, the moon is actually the primary consideration in studies of astrology. The moon signs and cycles are used to determine the best time for activities, and is a part of daily life. This may seem backward to some, but actually results in more accurate predictions in many cases than Western astrology can ascertain.

A Horoscope, as far as the public is concerned, is that little nugget of advice printed with their sign in the newspaper.  But the full Horoscope as designed by the astrologer is more than that.  It’s a complete map of the planets with regards to the constellations and each other.

Once the planets have been mapped, then their Aspects can be measured.  The Aspect is the measure of the angle formed by drawing lines between the planets.  The two most important Aspects are the Conjunction (which is a very small measure, less than ten degrees), and the Opposition (a very large measure, nearly 180 degrees).

The Houses are equivalent to the signs of the Zodiac, but they’re also dedicated to certain aspects of the person’s life.  One House is devoted to finances, another to health, for example.

Each planet orbits the sun at a different speed.  Mercury, right next to the sun, races around it in a matter of weeks, while Pluto plods along in an orbit that takes centuries.  Occasionally, the Earth will pass a planet, and it will seem to be “moving backwards.”  Think of riding a fast train while passing a slow moving one–the slower train will appear to be backing up, even though it’s moving forward.  This optical illusion is called Retrograde, and these periods of backwards motion show up in horoscopes and action.

The signs of the moon cycle each month rather than each year. Each sign has three phases: ascending, true, and descending. Each sign influences our emotions differently, depending on our sun sign and natural tendencies. The phases of the moon also affect our emotions and other aspects of astrology.

When we learn these influences that the moon holds over us and astrological phenomena, we can use this information to our advantage. For example, during the new moon most people are not capable of rational thought. Knowing this can help you to avoid major decision making during the time of the full moon.

There are many books and websites that provide detailed explanations of the moon and its effects on the study of astrology. There are also many books that explain the signs of the moon and their effects on sun signs and our emotions. You can generally find these books by searching your local book store, new age shop, or

Astrology Is For Everybody!


Granted, the biggest quantity of people who put essentially the most focus into astrology are adult-aged women.  Most ladies see themselves when it comes to being each the “keeper” the one who is chargeable for all the different people in her life and her relationships with them;  as well as having the generally-feminine characteristic of feeling that whether her life is good or bad, that it’s her place to be within the position of affecting positive changes.  It is primarily for these causes that girls make up the vast majority of astrology-seekers.  Via astrology, ladies can learn extra about themselves, their lives, their associates, and their futures;  and, in gaining such information, may be within the very helpful position of assessing their private strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will provide many alternatives for taking management of one’s life.

Fewer men acquire a critical curiosity in astrology.  After they do, it’s normally less a matter of wanting a common overview of their lives than of needing particular particulars and answers for particular questions or problems.  Males usually tend to focus their curiosity in astrology on such subjects as learn how to get a selected job, how you can make enterprise selections, and questions on whether or to not relocate to a unique area.  All of these subjects may be introduced up in an astrological studying, and he can find the solutions or options which he wants to be able to be higher knowledgeable and make choices that are almost definitely to have the best final result for him.

Teenagers and younger adults are often inquisitive about astrology.  Unfortunately, if they don’t seem to be properly knowledgeable, they could hold the standard belief that astrology is mainly about predicting the longer term and little more.  Teens will be greatest aided by astrology by understanding that the scope of astrology goes far past simple predictions;  and, much more essential, that even predictions themselves are solely a matter of what’s “likely” to occur–  that the particular person himself or herself has an awesome capability to affect what really does happen, by his or her own responses to the occasions which happen each day.  Astrology works greatest when seen as a map of chance, over which the person has a lot influence.

This is usually a wonderful asset for any teenager or younger adult who’s at the stage in life the place she or he wishes to make stable selections and plans for the future.  The first part is in seeing one’s future predictions in terms of what’s likely to happen, and to gain an understanding on find out how to have an effect on adjustments to 1’s course of action to be able to result in a positive outcome.  Studying that one just isn’t helpless, nor bound to a predetermined future, is an excellent feeling for all however most especially for younger people!

The second part of astrology which is very important to youth is with the ability to achieve a deeper understanding into themselves their particular character traits and personalities.  It may be a superb feeling to learn that many others share related qualities!  And, for a teenager who is just not fully snug with varied aspects of his or her character, realizing that it is inside his or her own energy to vary the less desirable traits and strengthen these traits which enchantment to her or him probably the most, will go a great distance in granting an adolescent or younger grownup the appreciated state of understanding it is inside themselves to improve what they want to improve and rely extra closely on the traits which give them essentially the most potential for a happy, effectively-adjusted life.

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Traffic Tips That Will Change Your Life

What’s that, you say?  How can a website—even a well-trafficked website—change your life?  Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?  Not at all.  It might be exaggeration to suggest that you can retire young or become a millionaire in just a few months because of a great web campaign.  However, believe that many online entrepreneurs are making a full time living starting their own web company.


Whether you market services, an entertainment site or an online store, you can use SEO strategies and traffic generation techniques to your advantage.  By applying these techniques, you can take your company to the next level.  You could start generating thousands of clicks a week and eventually earn enough money for a part time job.  You could even expand your web presence and eventually make blogging and promoting your website your full time position.


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Be Your Own Travel Agent

Travel specialized niche~ is definitely well-liked.  It truly is large and these days numerous holidaymaker look up the world wide web for information and facts in advance of they reserve their desire getaways.  On the subject of travel niche by itself, it provides some very persuading justifications why traveling is a superb thing to check into if you’re intending to strike out for that niche web site industry. Reading through a few of the writer’s suggestions could make you smack your brow and ask, “Why in the world didn’t I think of that?” I’m sure this e-book provides you with a nose for sniffing at out possible specialized niche marketplaces available.

Out of date Domain Prospects!  The travel niche to give an example where you might possibly purchase out of date domain names to begin creating a fast cash flow. Now why don’t we check out this in a bit more detail. The below is a straightforward design you might make use of by incorporating content material (for instance any those articles content material you could have) with out of date areas as well as other specific affiliate marketing programs and Google  ad sense

Travel Niche Profits

Niche internet marketing committed with affiliate marketer advertisements is the craze, and I’ve got a sense that it will be here to stay for a few many years to a number of decades to you never know far more. So long as there are actually individuals searching for providers, and internet sites and organizations prepared connect with these wants, advertisements will almost always be popular with simply clicking.

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On This Day in History: The San Fransico Golden Gate Bridge is Born

Golden Gate Bridge is certainly one of the most watched historic structures of the 20th century.  The Golden Gate Bridge officially opened on May 27, 1937, the longest bridge span in the world at the time.  The Golden Gate Bridge spans the Golden Gate Straits, the narrowest point in the mouth of the  San Francisco Bay .  It’s the 2nd longest suspension connection span in America.  It is among the primary man-made places of interest in the U.S.A.  It’s the product of the experienced effort that defied conventional methods to bridge constructing.  Golden gate bridge is really a spectacular architectural achievement.

Golden gate bridge is suspension bridge with massive cabling and tow line towers only.  It is usually crossed by automobile, on bikes or by walking.  It had been finished in 1937, once the bridge opened up to people on the streets.  Golden gate bridge is definitely an legendary construction.

Golden Gate Bridge  Opening Day!

Golden gate bridge is regarded as being a internationally famous portrayal of San Francisco bay area and California.  It truly is 1 span that goes up 200 twenty-two ft over the Water level.  It had been built throughout the toughest economic depression in United states history.  That is certainly probably the most observed historical constructions in the Twentieth century.  Golden gate bridge continues to be integrated with all the current essential security elements. Golden Gate Bridge background is really as interesting as it can certainly get.  Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District is actually a community organization located in San Francisco, Ca.

Golden Gate Bridge This tv show of Modern Marvels is definitely the 1 account of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The Golden Gate Bridge theoretically opened up on May 27, 1937, the longest connection course on the planet at that time.

I have been There when I was a Teen 🙂

My “YouTube Money Bomb” Products Review

Youtube . com is really a video-sharing service which allows people to publish videos clips, movie diaries/journals, occasions, along with other video clips.  It’s a video-sharing service that allows people add information to YouTube servers, wherever they are offered on the internet.  It’s the hottest web site online for viewing and sharing videos.  It may be great for fun, a fast chortle as well as some serious videos that anybody can talk about.  Youtube . com is free of charge, although individuals who wish to publish videos or remarks should sign-up using the website, developing a user profile.

Youtube is the second-largest internet search engine following Google.

Videos may be educational, enjoyable, influential, or solely personalized.  It which use copyrighted audio don’t experience all those.  It might be produced from Power Point, electronic digital video clip, photos or other forms of media.

Online video could be successful for retailers.


YouTube Money Bomb Review -This this a Good Investment?

YouTube Money Bomb is really a instruction program manufactured by Christer Landoy that will highlight how use YouTube to create a web-based revenue. This informative guide provides you with all the details you should employ the most effective web sites on the web and utilize it to advertise the services and products that you need. YouTube is among the most popular sources accessible and after you have the methods all the way down you will notice reasonable rise in your income.

With YouTube Money Bomb become familiar with steps to make your initial YouTube online video which you can use to advertise any affiliate marketer product or service (or your own merchandise) you desire. After you have the first beneath your belt, and generating serious cash, it is possible to duplicate the strategies and open up numerous earnings avenues. Getting several cash flow fields will be the significant key with regards to on-line accomplishment – when 1 mode halts gaining you’ll have always others into position and possess the capability to produce increasingly more. With more than seventy three million site visitors YouTube is among the simplest methods for getting website visitors to all your product sales web pages – it just takes creating a online video which will attract your specific client.

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Information About The Uranian Astrology System

Uranian astrology is occurrence oriented and it is pretty precise based on its enthusiasts.  Uranian astrology is extremely fascinating ..  Planets will work jointly to exterior stimulus and react on the other.  Planets are believed delight using some houses.  Astrologers should be only interested in the achievable.

Uranian Astrology runs on the 90, 45, or 15 degree wheel rather than the 360 degree wheel utilized in well known astrology. Uranian Astrology is function focused and it is fairly precise in accordance with its enthusiasts. I still find it very efficient.

Uranian astrology provides the latest measurement to graph and or chart meaning. Discover ways to use the 8 Uranian power points, the 90 degree wheel and mid- points.

Uranian Astrology is really a contemporary method of astrology according to theories of German born surveyor/astrologer Alfred Witte (1878-1941), originator from the Hamburg School of Astrology. Witte enhanced and further more designed the usage of statistical midpoints for accurate astrological evaluation and conjecture.

Uranian astrology appreciated its biggest achievement in German-speaking locations throughout the 1st one half of the 20th century. Additionally, it delivered  cosmobiology , an astrological method began by Reinhold Ebertin, among Witte’s pupils. It has acquired minor achievements beyond German-speaking nations, though Witte’s most significant publication,  Rules for Planetary Pictures,  was printed in a The english language edition in 1939. Also, contemporary developments in astronomy created adding hypothetical planets towards the horoscope an extremely questionable  effort .

1 extremely well-liked Uranian Astrology version in America was commenced by  Emma Belle Donath  and even more formulated with a bigger stage by  Martha Lang Wescott . This method integrates substantial utilization of midpoints including other small-body asteroids and centaurs together with transneptunians, and significant utilization of methods from paradigms outside the ones from the practices of German born Uranian Astrology, such as solar and lunar returns (which  Roger Jacobson  also recommended in previously years). The effort and method of  Wescott spots substantial, although not unique, focus on the psychological facets of astrology, and consists of several elements in chart evaluation.

Can there be a simple way to make use of Uranian astrology? With computer-generated diagrams called “midpoint trees,” one can possibly immediately acquire info how the client is most serious about, which include associations, wellness, and lifetime objective.

The 8 “Planets”

Among the 8 hypothetical planets (also referred to as the Transneptunian planets or TNPs) from the Hamburg School.

Apollon~ has the caliber of expansiveness. It represents business, technology, peacefulness, and achievement.

Zeus~ is  In meaning, it signifies management and ingenuity.

Hades~ Understanding for Hades consist of: low income, grime, law-breaking, illness, and waste. Additionally it is linked to the old past and secrets.

Cupido~ means modest organizations such as the family members and also the local community. In addition, it pertains to art issues.

Kronos~  Interpretations for Kronos incorporate stuff that are over typical, items that are up high, for example mountain range, aeroplanes, governing bodies.

Admetos~ is extremely extreme. It is assigned to concerns that will get obstructed and come to a total halt. Additionally, it may consider things on the depths, as a symbol of complete focus.

Vulkanus~ represents terrific vitality, strength and power.

Poseidon ~ symbolizes mental performance, nature and ideas.


If you’ve never ever heard about Uranian astrology or Cosmobiology, here is the starting point! Learn how these kinds of astrology came from, what makes them unique, and what approaches they use. This summary also presents midpoints, planetary pictures, the 90° dial, shifting houses, and the usage of unique planets and points – many of these can also add a lot more depth for your graph and or chart understanding.

Also: Traditional Astrology and Services featured here:

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Jeff’s Product Review for “TweetAttacks”

A Product  Review of TweetAttacks

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The Tweet Tank on line Review, More information (How to automate your Twitter)

The Tweet Tank  Evaluation – Utilizing Twitter For Enterprise Advertisement?

The Tweet Tank includes a number of eight instructional videos that the creator has guaranteed can educate you how to earn money using the well-liked Twitter sociable marketing and advertising internet site.  Many individuals have an interest in how to build an income with Twitter but do not know how to get started[*] This offer consists of a lot more than One hour worth of training video tutorials which are given to train beginner entrepreneurs the way to generate an income utilizing Twitter effortlessly.

The Tweet Tank employs a range of software program which will automate your twitter accounts in most cases.  Become familiar with how to earn more and obtain your products(s) in the market to a specific target audience that’ll be interested in the identical merchandise as you.  There are numerous methods accessible which is among the simplest and easy to understand.

These are some of the Facts

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Maintaining sales income and popularity is difficult, one must be able to think of other avenues in order to get one step ahead of their competitors.

I feel that this is where a lot of other Twitter programs suffer since they can get you a following but not a targeted following which is what you need to actually get some sales.

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Horary Astrology:”Why Did the Jumbo Jet, make an Emergency Landing in Singapore?”

I was on on of the news outlets when I saw a Head Line: UPDATE: Qantas jumbo makes emergency landing in Singapore...

As an Astrologer I wanted to test Horary Astrology to see what I can come up with .

1) So I first understood the question.

2) Cast the Horary Chart

3)Look for Planetary, Signs, and Houses.

There are other things that I can spend some time researching but, All I want to know is “Why” this plane had to make this landing in Singapore?

So I cast the Chart: I noted the time here in Albuquerque, New Mexico was 8:50 pm MST


So the rising sign for this chart is 09 Sagittarius 54 and the question is about the airplane. Sagittarius is one of the rulers of things that are of air travel things and some items and in this case we want to find things relating to the plane.

The planetary ruler for Sagittarius is Jupiter and this planet is retrograde and it is in the house of communications and short journeys!

Airway Travel and Transport are all ruled by: 3rd House, Mercury, 9th House and Sagittarius.

So Mercury is in the 12th house, a weak house, The ruler of the 7th House is Cadent. Gemini is the Lord of the 7th and the planetary ruler is Mercury in the 12th House!

The Secondary ruler in this case is the Moon but it is Via Cumbusta; located between15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio, in the 10th House of Authorities.

So also an airline or plane is ruled by Uranus. Aquarius can also be included. I can see that Uranus is located in the 4th House of grounds,” Home ” which can be said that the airliner had to return back home.

It is interesting to note that the planet Pluto is in the first House and conjoined with the North Node.


If I were to “Turn the Chart” to place the 9th House to the 1st House, it would look like this:

I know that Airlines is represented by the 9th House so if I had to turn the Chart I would put this House to the 1st House.

9th House is ruled by Airplanes and Long Journeys and that is what this aircraft’s destination was, to go to Sydney Australia, But the Sun is the Planetary Ruler for Leo. Look where the Sun is Located…in the 3rd House of short Journeys! It is also close to the 4th House Cusp of the 4th House! This House is all about the Home Base! There is Mercury (air Travel) in the 4th
and Uranus (airplane) in the8th House of fear anxiety and loss

Uranus also represent “Engines” This planet in the 8th House.

I my heart goes out to everyone that made it back safely and I am sure that it was a terrifying event. Leo is noted as a sign of fire and explosiveness. The first chart shows that Mercury in the 12th house of Fear!.

My YouTube EssentialDegnities Channel

Dear Reader.
I am a man that loves music and in this information age, loves to be informed. I never seen or read anything on the way people can show other people How to make a video for their sites or just in General. But there is a burning desire to reach inside to put together theories that has effected my style.
I was alone with thoughts and ideas and to build me a channel worthy for anyone that loves music and video!
I researched the internet and found out really nothing on simple ways to make a video. I myself have an associates degree in “Advertising Art” but I went to school way before there was internet for the General public and also the fact that there were no such thing as doing any sort of videos like the way YouTube or any other video “broadcast yourself” platform availability is now!
So here I was just wondering how to make videos for this channel that I created for my then wife and my new born son! Astrologically, My channel was created under a VOC Moon but I never knew this at the time! I felt I should not do anything with this channel until later!

Later I will start to give you some insight as to how I produce a video based on music theory..

Here is my Channel

And here is a Very interesting video I did!

Twitter Marketing!

A Few Tips on How to Use Twitter for Marketing Your Business|

By: James Risce

If you don’t approach Twitter marketing the right way, you can tweet all day long and not get anywhere. In this article we shall be discussing a few effective Twitter marketing tips that will not only give you an inside look at this new form of promotion but will also help you apply it the right way.

Consistency is the key to Twitter marketing success. In order to get results with Twitter marketing, you must be willing to set up your campaigns and then log in regularly to stay in touch with people and remain active. If you approach Twitter marketing in a casual or lazy way, it won’t matter if you use the best strategies, you’ll still be disappointed in the results. With Twitter, the idea is to build a growing list of followers and post regular tweets so you stay in contact with them. You have to be motivated enough to keep doing what is necessary, even when you aren’t feeling very enthusiastic about it. If your tweets are not giving you good response, then see and try to analyze where you’re going wrong. You have to be flexible, so don’t be afraid to try something different if one approach doesn’t work. Whatever step you take or however you apply your tactics, it’s important to keep on working with them until you see the light of success. New Twitter marketers often find that they don’t especially like it in the beginning. As you get used to it, though, and start to see results, you will warm up to it.

Marketing with Twitter can be compared to e-mail marketing, and in fact Twitter may very well be the most significant online marketing trend since e-mail. You have to be committed to sticking with Twitter marketing until you see evidence that it’s starting to work for you. When you begin using Twitter, you have to be okay with the fact that you are there to help others and not promote products. The sooner you understand this, the more successful you will be. The Twitter community is tired of spam. So when your tweet is all about helping someone, this comes across as a step in the right direction. You will be embraced by a specific group of users, but the other hard promoters will be ignored. This concept is easy to apprehend: Twitter is a rock hard social community that is grounded by human interaction. When such a bond is formed, sales promotions are frowned upon. But when you hold out a guiding hand, you will realize that there will be others that will want to grab a hold of it. It is human nature and you’re not doing anything wrong here. If someone has a sleeping disorder, you’re not trying to sell them a product, but you are offering a way to help them.

The more sociable you are on Twitter, the better your results will be. The most popular people on this network are those who discuss things and remain active. In order for people to be receptive to your offers, they have to feel they know you, so it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

All in all, Twitter marketing can be seen as a growing trend in the Internet marketing arena, which will be reaching new heights in the coming years.

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Stink Bugs Taking Area by Swarm

Hello Reader

For years I have been wondering about the art of Horary Astrology and wanted to delineate a chart for the purpose of my learning and knowledge of astrology. I want to enter this in my blog for you the reader can view this.

First up, I was not sure about Horary Astrology and never really cared for it through out my life until just recently. I wanted to make sense of it and I am just a “Student in Astrology”  My past posts on this topic has driven me to explore more possibilities on topics that are in the news.

With that said I was going about my business checking on my mail, Twitter and other things when I cam across this little news story about the Stink Bug Invasion  that is happening according to this report, in the Washington DC area! So I focused in on that area of the United States.

Stink Bugs Taking Area by Swarm

There is the actual report I saw at 8:58:14 am


in Albuquerque, NM

So I cast the chart for that time after I read this report on those pesky insects.

This will be just a simple Horary interpretations on just the bugs.

So I look at the chart and I see that on the Asc (Ascendant) we have Libra Rising  and the planetary ruler for Libra is Venus. Venus is in Scorpio but she is placed in between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio- a really bad position for her location based on Horary rules as I know.

Venus is the planetary ruler for Libra and Venus also rules annoying and jumping  insects!

These bugs are aggressive in their quest to advance in the eastern part of the country! The ASC  generally illustrates the location of the east when Venus is in the Northeast closer to the 2nd house which is more geared toward the Northeast. I am in the Southwest area of this country so that I am viewing where the bugs are! Could the bugs be coming from the North due to the climate conditions of the upcoming change of the seasons? YES!

I took a look at the 8th house, ruled by Taurus and I find this interesting that Venus is also the planetary ruler for Taurus. The 8th house is all about bugs because this house natural sign ruler is Scorpio! Look what sign Vevus is under~ SCORPIO! Scorpio Rules bugs in general. Scorpio rules places of “Stench” and since these bugs are Stink bugs and people can kill them then these buggers let out a stench as a method of self defense!

The Moon is generally the co-significator and the Moon is in the 6th house which is a weak house. Cancer rules the 10 house of Authority.

I see that Mercury the planet that symbolizes  communication sextiles the insects and Virgo on the cusp of the 11th house of friends! So you bet there will be communication among friends!

Ok, so I read that the Stink bugs bite? YES THEY DO And the Planet that ruse that is Mars!

More About Astrology, Astro*Carto-Graphy, EarthQuakes and More!

Hello friends,
This is from a reprint that I want to share from an Astrology Community Message Board. This was written at the time when I had better thing to do when it was a time of discovery for me as I used the tools and knowledge at my disposal to really get some insight to the theory of determining when an earth quake is indicated using New and Full Moon Charts in concert with astro-cartography maps!
I will also to the best of my knowledge all tools and interpretations to explain this in a post I wrote after the time this terrible event happened!
I emphasis that all disasters are tragic and unfortunate!

My instruments and techniques.

1) New and Full Moon Charts
2) Astro-CartoGraphy Mapping Charts
3) Uranian Astrology
4) The Amazing SunSet Chart

Before I begin this information was researched to the best of my abilities as an astrologer and this information is a few months old and it is a reprint from a post I made earlier in this year!


Hello All,

Here is my post for what happened down in Chile early this morning.

There will be three types or methods of astrology I will use here;

1. New Moon Charts
2. Astro-Cartography
3. Uranian Astrology and Planetary Pictures with Half Distances.

I find it interesting that when you use New Moon charts as well as Full Moon ones combined with Astro Cartography Maps for the area of the event in this case Earth Quakes- then you see in the map.
Even in the New Moon Chart of Nov 16th that in 3 months time there is an indication of a possible tension in the area- but really my belief indicates that an cartography can really show some interesting results.

So starting off with the New Moon Chart cast for Nov 16th in Santiago, Chile, plainly has Pluto conjoining the MC- Squaring Saturn that is in the 6th house.

Pluto is the astrological ruler of Earth Quakes.

Saturn is about earth activities- death and obstacles. Saturn is the “Great Teacher”

SA squares PL. Mercury also is an indicator for earth quakes but I don’t really associate that planet with an earthquake only that earthquakes move so maybe.
So I looked on the map and see that PL and SA run straight down just off the coast of Chile.
Astro-cartography maps- just the basic rule I find it the planetary positions on the map just an indication that it takes up to 3 months max. That tragic earthquake in Haiti was in Jan.


The New Moon Astro~Cartography                                                                                                     The Google Earth View of the earthquake epicenter

Well why not have New Moon Charts? Even at times a Full Moon charts too. What do New Moon Charts do and thus when you combine it with astro cartography maps you get a sense as to what will happen within a period of 3 months time!
Remember Haiti happened in Jan? This was a duration into almost 2 months time line. There is a quake happened of the coast of of an island in the same area west of Haiti. Monitoring closely I saw an earth quake report of the coast of Guatemala in Central America.
I used the same method in time to see to my amazement the historic event of the 1906 San Fransisco’s Earth Quake There I saw and concluded that this way works along with your methods and others 🙂

This just another tool for astrological predictions, but I am really surprised that maybe I am the first here to ever use this technique.


Uranian Astrology:

I cast the chart for the time the quake happened right down to the precise location of the epicenter of this powerful quake.
So I turned to the Sun’s axis;
There we find the second important Planetary pictures that gives us clues to what happened that moment in time.


* private – low-profile – cautious – conserves; maintains – questioning or skeptical – interested in obscure or non solid, nonphysical, or unseen factors
Officials behind the scenes – Major handicaps – Significance of breakdowns, damages, or injuries — Major physical deficiencies or defects – Significance of discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s – Days or years of great risk or dependency – Losses relating to official status – Underworld leaders


Sad or depressive – unaccommodating – indifferent or neglectful – evasive – secretive – may have emotive disorders – not always reliable – envious – abuses trust or dependency if unevolved
Physical health issues relating especially to women – Need for refinement in personal interactions – Shared breakdowns, damages, or injuries – Primitive populations or nations needing refinement – Aversions affecting partnerships – Emotional dysfunction relating especially to men – Mutual discomfort – Mutual distrust – Regrets or sadness relating to partners – Mournful hours – Days or years of losses among the public


* private – low-profile – concealed or hidden away -interested in unseen or unclarified factors – questioning or skeptical – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – nambivalent during transitions – abuses trust or dependency if uninvolved – subject to reversals
* Development of potential relating to persons in seclusion – Substantial changes relating to physical defects, injuries, or breakdowns Increases relating to medical problems – Poor nutrition – Ineffective digestion – Weakened vitality – Physical deterioration – Increases relating to losses – Days or years of problematic development of potential or ineffective changes – Self-regenerating contamination.

The Uranian Astrology NEW MOON Chart before the event                                                                 The Uranian Astrology Chile Earth Quake at the time of the event!


We turn to the New Moon Chart:
The Chile Earth Quake

We turn now to the New Moon Chart for the recent earth quake. We set the dial pointer to the Sun/Moon Axis. Just by looking at the area where the pointer is located we find a large “cluster” of planetary significance. Admetos is all about

Restraint – Isolation with Separation and Endings Ruptured and Abiogenesis – Earth Rupture Obstacles

There we find the half distances of planetary combinations:

Uranus + Vulcanus

* spontaneous militant – rebellious or disruptive – has emotional outbursts – inconsiderate – agitated – sometimes drastic or forceful – brutal in worst cases
* Unexpected influence or impact – Exciting work – Act on impulses – Technical assignments – Work for reforms – Future or futuristic struggles – Work for the future – Large scale events – High-impact adventures – Surprising or amazing strength or power – High tension power – Sudden powerful efforts or influential measures – Athletic events – Major surprises – Mechanical powers – Electrical energies — Unexpected force or coercion.

Planetary Pictures:

Sun= Neptune+Admetos

* difficult to deceive – weather-sensitive – reclusive – introverted – confused or confusing – touchy – sad or depressive – stubborn – rigid – contradictory – endangered by addictions – schizothymic in worst cases
* Persistence or continuity relating to reclusive men – Dissolution of rigidity or coagulation – Sacrifices relating to physical decrease -Fundamental or ongoing physical weakness – Days or years of blocked intuitions or continual uncertainty or instability – Uncertainty, insecurity, or instability relating especially to men’s resistance or obstruction/s – Ambiguities relating to delimitations – Lasting or continual disillusionment

Sun= Moon+Admetos

Mutual perseverance or restraint/s – Serious hours or times – Mutual boundaries – Repeated separations or departures affecting partnerships – Coagulation in body functions — Rigidity affecting body functions – Mutual ruptures – Endings relating to partnerships – Hours of gloom or regret – Stagnation – Deaths

Sun and Admetos

To remain isolated — Unyielding men – Passivity – Rejection – Blockages or obstacles – To be overwhelmed – Dead bodies.


The SunSet Chart

This is a Brief and simple calculation of the SunSet Chart:

So I drew up a Sunset Chart for Santiago Chile on the Date they got their independence . So I rogressed the chart since every entire rotation consists of 72 years as shown here in the chart , I would have turn the inner dial so that the Sun’s pointer makes two 72 year rotations with 56 years to complete a 200 year rogressed chart. Note, each year is represented by a dot. 6 years per house.

Plainly we see the Rogressed Sun (the inner wheel) right in the middle of SunSet Saturn and SunSet Pt of Fortune. Mainly what makes this fascinating is the fact that the Rogressed Sun which revolves around the chart. Again- Each dot the rogressed Sun hits is equal to a year’s time. I used the same methods shown on this forum as an example to what happened with the tragic events in Haiti.

This is a Brief analysis to the events for Chile. Cast the chart from the time of SunSet on the Day of Independence.
So we look at this chart. There is;

R. (rogressed)-Sun conjoined SS (SunSet) Saturn.
R. Sun is squared SS Pluto
R. Pluto is about to conjoin SS Moon
R. Pluto is opposing SS Neptune
R. N Node is squaring SS Sun
R. Mars has conjoined SS Uranus

R= Rogressed…the inner wheel
SS= SunSet…the fixed or stationary outer wheel.

This chart was calculated at SunSet and not using the Tropical zodiac. I used the equal housing system.


I like to go back to the Uranian Astrology chart using the 90 degree dial, to really examine a few things.
Just the very first Planetary Picture of BIG significance at the time of the event would be In Picture 1.

Just by leaving the dial pointed at the Aries axis there is a very important significance that is indicated here with the Planetary Picture:

Aries=Uranus and Kronos: Excitement in ruling circles. Force of nature. Impetuous rise.
Despot. To get excited through ordinances of the authorities.
Days of great excitement. Self-reliant – self-assured – original – dignified – eager to make contact hot-tempered.

Emphatic expressions. Authority appearing suddenly. The formula of great
tension and collected power.

Now in Picture #2 we have the 360 degree dial that gives us a wider panorama view of the events taken effect there right at the epicenter. There we have the Planetary Pictures:

Aries=Moon and Poseidon
Understanding out among the public – Prudence out among the public – Insight relating to public matters – Understanding all around – Hours of truth or facts – Public cultural matters of populations or nations.

Aries=Saturn and Uranus
Tense – emotionally inhibited – stressed-out – short-tempered
* Events with lasting or continual consequences – Solemn public events – Sudden stoppages or departures or distancing – Sudden restraint/s out in public — Unexpected public problems – Surprising obstruction/s out in the world – Steady tension all round – Public conflicts – Crises.

And finally on to Picture 3 and what this shows us;

The LA (Location Ascendant) on the 360 degree wheel;
Here is another example of how Uranian Astrology briefly shows us the events right when it happened during those minutes of the quake and beyond:

When we point the dial to the Geographical location to where the epicenter is on the 360 degree chart It is in the sign of Aries:

LA rules The immediate environs – Personal complementation .

So you have LA = Half Distances and The Half distances are:

The LA (Location Ascendant)= Mars and Hades:
Interested in unseen or unverified factors – – works with medical issues – needs attention to dirt – Work relating to illness – Work relating to dirt – Activity in private or obscure settings – Work on issues needing reparation or correction – Making of sacrifices – Work with nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – Unemployment – Actions contributing to losses – Manipulation – Infliction of damage or injury – Robbery or plunder – Malicious behavior

The LA (Location Ascendant)=Venus and Poseidon:
Artistically imaginative and emotionally biased in thinking.

The LA (Location Ascendant)= ASC and Hades:
Regret relating to others – Polluted or dirty environs – To be envied – Others begrudge – Damage, injuries, or breakdowns relating to others.

The LA (Location Ascendant)= Kronos and Vulcanus:
Extraordinary strength or force

The LA (Location Ascendant)= Zeus and LA:
New or updated location – Immediate or exact environs – Here and now — To be forced or coerced – Pressure or stress in the environment.

The LA (Location Ascendant)= Pluto and Vulcanus:
Large-scale readjustments, restructuring, or resolutions – Increases relating to productivity – Development of potential relating to strength – Excessive reactions – Powerful or high-impact reversals

The LA (Location Ascendant)= Saturn and Apollon:
Limits or boundaries relating to expanses or expansion Departures or distancing of /from many and Extensive restraint/s. Increases relating to problems – Business problems – Scientific constraints

The LA (Location Ascendant)= Aries and Apollon:
Broadening all around – Widespread increases.

Just thought I would bring this to the forum after extensive astrological research that is mostly interesting!


The 4 Seasons of Green Chile

I like to take this opportunity to explain in my blog briefly

The 4 Seasons of Green Chile

Green Chile as everyone around here in the area where I live would always have the opportunity to purchase a large burlap sack of Green Chile. I was hired by my department to roast customers’ green chile, when one the 3 rd day of my venture that a sack of Green Chile is like the 4 Seasons:


I realized that when I opened a sack of these beautiful chilies and saw the dynamic colors and the freshness of the Chile! Spring is the promise of something very new, fresh and vibrant!


Summer is a time of Hot change in the season!  I would always remember how hot the job is and as the

Propane afterburners were lit the let the roasting begin!

We can see how hot this job can be but the aroma is so incredible and the crackle of the Chile seems to roast off the skin

as the flames of summer consume the outer part of the Chile!


The Fall season is the time of Harvest!

Also to describe in a sense that when the Chile are finished with

the Summer season the the door of  roaster is released and all the

Good Stuff comes out  and it is ready for harvest time! This is the time

to spend peeling the Chile and get them ready for the next season….


It is time to freeze you batch a time to store for the winter

season! All harvested and ready to go into that deep freeze to

store them. 🙂

Astrological References

Planetary notations for all to read

As an astrologer and doing allot of time researching as to what are the colors according to planets in the heavens.

The following is a re notation of an old reference that I have been reading over the years as an astrologer.

Planets and Colors

Motto: Unsuitable colors have a way of creating a conflicting atmosphere in your own character. – Olavi J. Asikainen, Finnish astrologer


Golden color and golden yellow belong to Sun-ruled Leo-types … golden lamé evening dress is perfect for a Leo woman. Yellow and reddish yellow belong also to Leo.


Moon’s colors are white and light yellowish colors and gray. … In addition light blue and sea green belong to the sign of Cancer.


Light gray and silvery color shades are ruled by Mercury. Also light color combinations and fabrics with light sparkling color shades. These belong especially to Geminians but are well suited also for Virgoans. In addition yellow is good for a Gemini… and purple and different shades of lilac and white for a Virgo.


Bright but not glaring blues and greens belong to Taurus and Libra, because they are the colors of their ruling planet, Venus. Also white.


Mars nature is stronger and red is its color. It’s especially the color of those born in Aries; fiery red gives life to their active nature. Red combined with black also qualifies well for Mars-ruled Scorpions, but otherwise dark and muddy greens belong to their colors.


Blue, purple and yellow belong to Jupiter and thus they look well on Sagittarians … also scarlet and shades of bright red belong to this sign.


Dark greens, browns and grays and also black give expression to a Capricornian nature … these colors belong to the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, and thus people of this type often dress themselves in somewhat gloomy colors.


Dark blue is characteristic of Uranus. In addition violet, which also belongs to Aquarians.


Pale browns and ash-gray shades belong to Pisces. Yet the Piscean type is ruled by Neptune and Neptune with its own colors brightens up Piscean shades. Neptune gives to his own the combination of all the colors in a rainbow.

These are some examples of  How colors are represented in each of the astrological houses as follows;

1st House


White and pale colours. Lilly notes: “if you enquire after the colour of the clothes of any man, if his significator be in the first house, and in a sign corresponding, the party’s apparel is white or grey, or somewhat near that colour, so also if the question be for cattle, when their significators are found in this house, it denotes them to be of that colour or near it”.

The symbolism of ‘white colour’ relates to the Sun’s movement over the ascendant bringing light.

2nd House



3rd House



4th House



5th House


Lilly says ‘black and white, or Honey colour’. It’s possible that by ‘black and white’, he means a colour that is neither too dark or too light.

6th House


Dark colours.

7th House


Black and very dark colours. Simmonite says blue-brown.

8th House


Dark green.

9th House


Light green

10th House


Pink, light red

11th House



12th House



Tropical Storm Isaac; Developing.

The large question of the week is whether Tropical Storm Isaac will develop into a large Hurricane like the other large Hurricanes already this year within the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season. I think  it’ll and will probably. I am not alone both as the weather charts, graphs and satellite photos from the NOAA, Nationwide Hurricane Heart in Miami and the movies on the Weather Channel all appear to have meteorologists just a little concerned.

And properly they should because it has already been a really expensive Hurricane Season and we’re solely half method through. The Hurricane Hunters also could use some extra aircraft together with the NOAA, which may use a few extra Gulf stream tremendous climate gear fitted aircraft. Some are psychics have said that Isaac could be a biggie storm and really pack a wallop and its size and form do provide some insight to such a more scientific view.

It is really all going to be in regards to the “I” in Isaac; that is to say the formation of the eye-wall of Tropical Storm Isaac, to see if it accelerates and tightens. Some say it can others usually are not so certain and yet perhaps these psychics know something we do not? Possibly, simply maybe Tropical Storm Isaac, which simply elevated from a Tropical Despair within a few days will change into the full on Hurricane some are predicting. It doesn’t matter what we must be careful and be careful to guard our people with early warning and fast relief .  Isaac will become on full on Hurricane. Contemplate all this in 2006.

People in Harms way-Please Take Great Care! We are concerned for your safety!

Delicious Food From “The Land of Enchantment”

Although a number of New Mexican dishes are fairly much like Mexican and Tex-Mex offerings such as enchiladas and burritos, New Mexican meals is definitely very different. The most important difference is the actual variety of chili pepper used. New Mexican chili is available in a number of different varieties and is often referred to as “green chili” or “red chili” relying on the stage of ripeness wherein it was picked. The inexperienced chili is chopped and thickened with a little bit of flour to make a sauce, and the crimson chili pods are ground and simmered with water to make the fiery crimson chili sauce.

However, green chili, which is picked before it has had time to fully ripen, is the defining ingredient of New Mexican meals because of its flavor. Prior to now few years, inexperienced chili has grown more and more more widespread exterior of New Mexico and remains an essential ingredient in every little thing from enchiladas and burritos to cheeseburgers and bagels inside the state’s borders.

Some typical New Mexican cuisines embrace Albondigas, which are meatballs, Atole – a thick, hot gruel created from corn, Biscochitos – anise-flavored cookies, Burritos – a white flour tortilla, full of meats, beans, cheese, or a mixture of these, and rolled. They are usually served smothered with chili sauce and melted cheese.

However there are innumerable other delicacies within the New Mexican delicacies akin to Capirotada – a raisin and walnut pudding, Carne Adovada – cubes of pork which have been marinated and cooked in pink chili, garlic and oregano, Chalupas or “little boats” – corn tortillas fried right into a bowl form and filled with shredded rooster, and/or beans, and topped with guacamole and salsa, Chicharron – pork pores and skin, fried crisp, Chili con queso – chili and melted cheese blended collectively right into a dip, Chiles Rellenos – roasted, peeled and stuffed (usually with cheese) chiles, usually dipped in a batter and fried.

Then you’ve Chimichanga – a burrito that is deep fried, and smothered with chili and cheese, Chorizo –  a spicy pork sausage, seasoned with garlic and red chili, Cilantro – a pungent green herb utilized in salsas, Empanada – a turnover, stuffed often with a sweetened meat mixture or fruit, Enchiladas – corn tortillas filled with meat, beans or cheese, and both rolled, or stacked, and lined with chile sauce and cheese, Fajitas – strips of grilled steak or rooster that come with tortillas, sauteed peppers and onions, and other facet dishes to make do-it-yourself burritos.

Some other beloved preparations embrace Flan – caramel custard dessert, Flautas – tightly rolled, fried to a crunch, enchiladas, Frijoles (beans), Guacamole – mashed avacado, often with chopped onion, tomatoes, garlic, lime and chile, Huevos Rancheros – corn tortillas, topped with eggs, usually fried, smothered with chile and cheese, Jalapenos – small, fat chiles, extremely popular, ceaselessly used in salsa.

Then there may be Menudo – a soup made with tripe and chiles (known as “breakfast of champions”), Nachos – tostadas topped with beans, melted cheese, sliced jalapenos, typically served “Grande” with ground beef, or shredded rooster, guacamole and bitter cream, Natilla – smooth custard dessert, Pico de Gallo – salsa with chopped recent chiles, tomatoes, onions and cilantro, Posole – a thick stew made with hominy corn simmered for hours with purple chile and pork.

Finally, you’ve some actually unique stuff like Quesadilla – a turnover made from a flour tortilla, full of cheese or different components, then toasted, fried or baked, Refritos – beans which were mashed and fried, most often in lard, Salsa – typically an raw mixture of chile, tomatoes, onions, Sopaipilla – a puffed, fried bread, that is eaten break up and crammed with honey-butter, or typically filled with meat, beans, cheese and chile sauce, Taco – a corn tortilla both fried crisp, or just softened, and filled with meats, cheese, or beans, and fresh chopped lettuce, onions and tomatoes and Tostadas that are corn tortilla chips, also, a open face corn tortilla covered with refried beans, salsa, cheese, and chopped lettuce and tomato.

Camping Food Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip? Consider a Picnic!

The more camping food ideas you have, the better your camping trip will be, so let’s get going and start brainstorming.
When you’re ready, all you have to do is toss them on the grill or cook stove for about 20 minutes or so and you’ll have a perfectly done chicken meal.
The key is to ensure that you have single servings in each packet for optimum results.
Add onions and butter or olive oil for a great, home cooked meal.

Think you can’t eat fish while you’re out? Think again: you can prepare your favorite fish the way you prepared your chicken and that’s healthy camping eating at its best.
Prepare pancake batter before you leave home, but make sure to keep it cold and grilled cheese is portable and easy to make.

Another camping food idea is to brown some ground beef or turkey and store it, when it’s time to cook, add chopped onion, kidney beans and a can of chili beans.
You can serve this over rice or on its own, depending on your tastes.
Very easy and very portable.
The beauty part of it is that you don’t have to be locked into the same old meals because you can prepare these in advance and pack them in individual packets.
You can accomplish this by packing your meal packets into a storage zipper bag and double bag that.
You should know that you can make almost anything when you’re camping, with a little advanced planning and work before you leave, so no more weenie roasts on a stick to keep from starving on your next camping trip, you’re going to eat like a gourmet.

Picnic Plans Anyone?

When preparing a picnic meal keep it simple and play with the flavours and aromas.
Picnics are the best occasion to encourage your kids to inculcate good and healthy eating habits.
Thus, no one wants to follow sophisticated table manners.
Keep hassle free finger foods like or you can also keep a barbeque and serve grilled food, which are delicious, filling and easy to eat.
Plus, the appetizers will keep them from getting hungry till the time you decide to start the lunch.

For appetizers arrange a platter of raw vegetables like cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, asparagus, etc and serve it with one or two nice dips.
You can probably keep one salsa dip and other a celery-sour cream dip.
Instead of accompanying the platter with usually fried and unhealthy chips, try baked chips.

Sandwiches: Sandwiches are easy to make and does not take much time.
You can get hundred of different recipes from the internet.

Desserts and Fruits: A meal is incomplete without a dessert.
Cut different fruits and top them up on whipped cream and garnish it with golden honey.

Barbeque: If you are planning to set up a barbeque and serve your guests with freshly grilled scrumptious meats, then you can go in for frozen burger patties, kebabs, sausages, etc that are readily available in stores.
In herbs, flavoured olive oil, etc in advance.
Serve the barbeque dishes with readymade barbeque sauce or the freshly prepared two dips mentioned in the appetizer section.
Stock up lots of bottled water because children tend to be quiet active on picnics, and can get dehydrated.
Easy to cook, easy to eat, delicious and nutritious food items can make picnic all the more enjoyable.


Chicken Dinner to Consider Tonight- Any Night!

Chicken is one in all my favourite foods. As a health aware eater, I wish to eat low fats, white meat. It may be a bit dry, so it needs recipes that convey out the flavor. I normally have some kind of chicken dinner twice a week. I even have chicken salads for my lunch in warm weather and I’ve been known to my family to make selfmade chicken broth in the depth of winter. I also prefer to have chicken soup when I am ill. I know it’s a cliche, nevertheless it really makes you feel higher when you’re down in the dumps.

There tip for roasting chicken in the oven is to place slices of oranges and bacon on the bird. This helps to maintain the moisture, stopping it from drying out too much. I don’t like retailer purchased stuffing, so I experiment with my own. It is always slightly totally different every time but the common components embody sausage meat, sage, and basil, all binded together with a few overwhelmed eggs. I then prefer to serve with onion gravy. A fried chicken dinner is at all times tasty, especially if cooked in some top quality oil. If you’re slimming, you can take the pores and skin off.

I additionally make chicken casserole with carrots, swede, mushrooms and button onions in red wine gravy. It’s delicious, served with mashed potatoes. Chicken and mushroom pie is one other favourite, made with buttery, flaky pastry. Chicken is good for stir fries. It cooks quickly and absorbs the other flavors within the pan. It is a good chicken dinner if you happen to’re in a hurry and you should use left over vegetables. I use baby corn-cobs, thin strips of carrot and mange tout. Dowse some soy sauce on it and serve with rice.

Chicken salads are very tasty. They are made with cherry tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, cucumber, peppers and spring onions. Generally, add fruit comparable to peaches or pineapple. It goes effectively with a freshly baked baguette. Additionally stuff Greek pitta bread with chicken and strips of onion and cucumber. It makes a filling chicken dinner and is properly washed down with a lightweight, fruity wine.

Lastly, homemade chicken soup is a particular deal with on a cold, winter’s day. Boil some stock from the carcass and add the ingredients. You’ll be able to actually add what you need but I like to use barley and root vegetables. Try to use all of the soup in at some point, as it’s not a good idea to maintain re-heating it.

The Next Solar Eclipse – The Beginning of the End?

It is no wonder that in many countries and throughout history solar eclipses have been viewed with dread.
Tamara Andrews wrote in her book Dictionary of Nature Myths that the solar eclipse was immensely frightening to just about all ancient cultures.
The “Long Count” calendar was implemented by the Maya to document past and future events.

What’s more, The French philosopher Nostradamas made predictions with regards to the year 2012 in which massive destruction would be caused by “in the sky a great fire dragging a fire of sparks”.
” The expression “.
” is not really clear, but an eclipse is able to only transpire with the sun as well as the moon.

This quatrain fits with Century III, quatrain 34, which describes the “monster” that will appear or happen during a solar eclipse: “Then when the eclipse of the sun will be in broad daylight the monster will be seen”.
One could believe that the increase in magnitude and frequency of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis as well as other natural disasters the earth is experiencing now is part of this prophesy.

So will the next solar eclipse of November 14, 2012 mark the End of Days? We could simply take a confident approach to this question and decide, like a lot of New Agers, that in 2012 one particular form of consciousness comes to an end and another will begin.

The Four Eclipses of 2012

” This year, 2012, we are lucky to have four distinct types of eclipses happening all of which will happen over populated areas of the world and can be viewed depending on where you live.

May 20- Annular Solar

An annular solar eclipse is an eclipse in which the moon and the sun perfectly align but because the moon appears smaller in the sky a bright ring forms around its silhouette.
At the same time a partial eclipse will be viewable over much of Asia and North America.
Looking at the sun for any amount of time with your bare eyes or even through sun glasses can permanently damage your vision! The safest way to view an eclipse is through indirect projection.
Check out your local library, science shop, or online for instructions and ideas on making your own projector.
This results in a periodic, noticeable darkening of the moon.

No special glasses or viewing equipment is necessary for viewing a lunar eclipse as the hazard is no more or less than simply looking at the moon.
During a total solar eclipse the moon completely covers the intensely bright sun creating a beautiful halo of light known as a corona.

Safely viewing a total solar eclipse and the partial eclipse of the surrounding areas requires you take the same precautions previously mentioned about the annular eclipse.
The resulting is a subtle darkening of a full moon.

Enjoy these eclipses and keep looking to the sky!

Cuisines From India to Spice Up Your Life!

It is also considered to be one of the old diverse cuisines of the world.
Indian cuisine varies from region to region depending on the diverse Indian subcontinent.

The Vast Sub-continent of India offers a range of culinary delights as rich and diverse as its people and history.
Northern North Indian cuisine is distinguished by the proportionally high use of dairy products like ghee, milk, paneer, and yoghurt.
Other ingredients like chilies, saffron, and nuts are also commonly used.

North Indian cooking features the use of the “tawa” for making roti and paratha, and “tandoor” for making naan, and kulcha and also main courses like tandoori chicken.
The samosa is a popular North Indian snack, and it is now commonly found in other parts of India, Central Asia and the Middle East also.
Minced meat, cheese mushroom and chick pea are also used for filling.
Popular snacks, side-dishes and drinks include mirchi bada, buknu, bhujiya, chaat, kachori, jalebi, imarti, several types of pickles,murabba, sharbat, aam panna and aam papad.
Some common North Indian foods such as the various kebabs and most of the meat dishes originated with interaction with muslims.
The dosa, idli, vada, bonda and bajji are typical South Indian favorites, which are generally consumed as breakfast.
Each Andhra, Chettinad, Tamil, Hyderabadi, Mangalorean, and Kerala cuisines have different tastes and ways of cooking .
In Andhra food excessive amounts of chilies are used.
Maharashtrian cuisine can be divided into two sections based on the geographical sections.
The hilly regions of the Western Ghats and Deccan plateau regions use groundnut instead of coconut and depend more on sorghum and millet as staples.
Many Gujarati dishes have a hint of sweetness due to use of sugar or brown sugar.
Saraswat cuisine forms an important part of coastal Konkani Indian cuisine.
This area’s cuisine is more influenced by its neighbors, namely Burma and the China.
Yak is a popular meat in this part of India Eastern East Indian cuisine is famous for its sweets such as rasagolla, chumchum, sandesh, rasabali, chhena poda, chhena gaja, and kheeri.
Apart from sweets, East India cuisine offers delights of posta (poppy seeds).
Generally ingredients such as mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black cumin, green chillies and cumin paste are used in Bengali curries.
Curries are classified into bata (paste), bhaja (fries), chochchoree (less spicy vapourized curries) and jhol (thin spicy curries).
Fish is commonly consumed in the eastern India, especially in Bengal.
A regular meal consists of many side dishes made of vegetables.
Deep fried, shallow fried and mashed vegetables are also very popular.

In India, food is most often eaten without cutlery, using instead the fingers of the right hand.
A universal aspect of presentation is the thali, a large plate with samplings of different regional dishes accompanied by raita, breads such as naan, puri, or roti, and rice.

Indian spices have an old and long history in Indian culture.
And as the world discovered the beautiful and distinct tastes of spices from India, more and more people have fallen in love with Indian cuisine as well.

There is Asafoetida.

Also known as the devil’s dung, this herb is actually a relative of the parsley family and is most known for its distinctive and pungent taste.
Asafoetida is mainly used for cooking lentils and beans and is a very important ingredient for cheewra – a dish made up of grains and various sorts of fruits and spices.
They are used to flavor curries and other kinds of rice dishes.
The seed is the one mainly used for cooking.
This is considered to be the second most expensive spice in the world.
They are mainly used to spice up curries and even ice creams and other sweet dishes or desserts.
The seed has a variety of tastes, depending on the age that it was harvested.

Also Cayenne.
Cayenne has an attractive bright red hue and is a well loved ingredient not just for its taste but for its color as well.
Cayenne powder is not as hot as chili but has its own kick that will surely make that dish memorable.
This is considered to be the hottest spice on earth.
Chilies are available in fresh or in powdered form.

So there you have it the heart and soul of Indian food.
So if you plan on cooking up authentic Indian dishes in your kitchen, make sure that you have those spices on hand.

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