Noted Zodiacal Color Schemes

Astrological color theory, and the signs of the zodiac are associated with certain colors. For a truly
personalized and incorporating the zodiacal colors. These are some of the colors noted.


Dates: January 20th – February 17th
Colors: Electric blue is the main color associated with the Aquarian. Turquoise blue denotes a desire for peace and order, and it is the color of the present time — the Age of Aquarius. Turquoise acts as a stimulant. This color to-nation brings peace and calms the mind, as well as cools down the nervous system and helps us carry on with life

Dates: February 18th – March 19th
Colors: Those born under the sign of Pisces have three colors to choose from: turquoise,
purple and green.Rich regal indigo indicates knowledge, self-respect, and spirituality. Violet is the color of thecrown chakra, that energy center within the body that is closely linked to the intuition
which is said to be the center of creative visualization/ perception. Violet is associated  with healing knocks on the head and skin eruptions via the nervous system, and it can help to induce sleep.

Dates: March 20th – April 19th
Colors: The many shades of red This is the color of love, fertility, and energy. It signals action and can keep you alert or provide extra courage when needed. Like
Aries, seeing the color red gives strength of will and can act as a pick-me-up when depressed. Wearing red will actually raise your temperature and increase body heat,
possibly because it is linked to raising blood pressure and circulation. Red acts as a dehumidifier for the psyche as well as the body and can help fight infection.

Dates: April 20th -May 20th
Colors: People of the bull can choose from the wide array of verdant greens. Pink, is also another color which is less active and aggressive than red, has an endearing quality. Psychologically, it is chosen by those seeking affection and has the ability to engender unconditional love, which appeals to the Taurean desire for domestic bliss. Pink signifies Taurus’s comfort zone, as this hue  gives calming , comforting vibes.

Dates: May 21 st – June 20th
Colors: Those under the sign of the twins will feel kinship with the brightness of yellow. The Mercurial color is yellow, which signifies agility of mind, and inspirational
thought. It cleanses the regular emotional “baggage” and even eliminates waste
from our body. Remember that the planetary ruler is Mercury and this planet symbolizes the importance of communication, thoughts and much more!

Dates: June 21 st – July 22nd
Colors: Elegant white and silver belong to those born under Cancer. White, silver, and even Grey are Moon colors. The purity of white instills a sense of
tranquility and peace. It should not be used to the exclusion of other colors, as white on
its own can be passive, even deathly still, both physically and psychologically. Grey
provides a bridge between black and white to subtle moods. Silver is
more versatile tone it suggests optimism in the
present. Silver has the cold charm of a moonlit night.

Dates: July 23rd – August 22nd
Colors:Leo colors shine from sun up to sun down, day after day radiating rich orange-gold hues, which shows the most positive tones of well-being, great warmth, and tremendous optimism. Orange tones deal with conditions that are dormant, bringing them out into the open. There we have colors like Gold and rich oranges are the colors to enlighten yourself,owing to their stimulating quality.

Dates: August 23rd – September 22nd
Colors: Perfectionist Virgo enjoys light green and pale yellow. Also it tends to Earth like  colors, such as dark brown, green, and even strong navy blue are Virgo shades.
dark blue, a strong and cool color, instills self-confidence.  Green aids balance in all things and is a typical healing hue. Blues and greens are excellent for calming nerves, especially if there is anxiety or fear of a emotional breakdown.

Dates: September 23rd – October 22nd
Colors: Librans are associated with blues Soft  shades, from blue to light  green, are ruled by Venus and are symbolic of femininity, but also subtly emanate messages of regeneration, balance, and fertility. Soft blues heal, as they encourage relaxation and tranquility. Pale greens are neither
warming nor cooling. Libra colors will enhance vitality and well-being and balance is the key here.

Dates: October 23rd – November 21 st
Colors: Scorpions can express themselves with black and wine red. Dark reds to maroon hues, reflecting the tones of autumnal berries, are the shades of Pluto-ruled Scorpio. These blood-red hues, Arian crimson orscarlet, also shows a warmth that holds strong signs of heat. Scorpionic colors are sociable and active, with an undercurrent of mystery. Black is also owned by Scorpio.Scorpio colors give power.

Dates: November 22nd – December 21 st
Colors: Sagittarius colors, ranging from dark blues to purple, emit cool and confidence. These
shades reflect the cooler spectrum of the color chart and are useful when there is a need
to instill quiet confidence. Purple denotes creative energy and spiritual wisdom. Jupiter is the planetary ruler of this sign and it is about expanding. Note that the color purple can relate to “Royalty” and the symbol for Jupiter to the ancients is refer as a “King”

Dates: December 22nd – January 19th
Colors: Deep blues and greens and blacks. As you would expect from Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, its colors represent power that consolidates and sets boundaries. After all, why do most police forces wear black? Just as Capricorn is associated with limitations, that is because the planetary ruler is Saturn and this planet is know as a limiter, a teacher perhaps which teachers shows us the what you see is what you get attitude. Black, dark grey, and brown denote enclosing, even shutting off. Black is also a symbol of infertility within many cultures, and it signals the finality of life. Also act as a release and an awareness of time and nature with its never-ending cycle of life and death situations.


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