The Astrological Aspects of EarthQuakes

Hello Again,

I would like to introduce to you again one of the most important aspects of what I have been talking to you about. First up the information I wrote here is from a post I wrote months ago. I saw on the news about the terrible events that happened down in Haiti as you can remember.

The news was very new and I only heard of that something happened there. So I started to “investigate” astrologically. Mainly I used:


2)New Moon/Full Moon Charts

3)Uranian Astrology

4)SunSet Chart Data


Here is what I wrote:

Well I did some an astrological investigation as to what happened on that day when the quake happened;
First off I I turned on the TV and saw a news bulletin about the quake in Haiti.
The first thing I did was cast a New Moon chart and linked it to the Astro- Carto-Graphy Map for the very same chart and saw Pluto on the MC line running direct through Haiti!
What does Pluto rule? Earthquakes. Uranus does too.
I brought up the chart.
The Asc is 02Aries39.
There in the 12 house is Uranus 22PIS48RX
On the cusp of the 10 house is another ruler of earthquakes is Pluto. Pluto is the closest planet to one of the strongest angles and MR is about the “mind” PL squares Saturn and Saturn resembles in this case “earthy occupations” and Saturn is in the 6th house of illness right on the cusp of the 7th house of unions. Capricorn is the lord of the 10 house of authority and Saturn is in the sixth as mentioned before. So authorities are digging through the rubble.

Saturn sextles Mercury; trying to communicate to the the poor people and Mercury is in the 8th. The Sun, Moon and Venus are all in the 8th house which is rather grim- Sun and Moon Trines Uranus and SU/MO squares NE/CHI/JU in the 11th House of friends.
Reports say that people never think that an earthquake will never happen however we see the Asc which is represented Aries- Planetary ruler is Mars, Opposes Neptune and Chiron.
The 4th House ruler is Cancer and the S. Node is occupying it. The S. Node is about taking power away and in the house of home.. The Moon is the Planetary ruler of Cancer- Moon is in the 8th house.
Finally…There is a Grand Trine between UR+S.Node+SU&MO.


I also have done some Uranian Astrology chart work and found more things based on the tragic events as the quake happened right at the event- Here is what I got when I look at the Sun’s axis point, it reads as follows

SU=SU/UR 1 16°14′ (38°44′) 0°56′
tense – willfully contrary – stressed – restless – unpredictable – nervous – may need stability
* Stimuli relating especially to men – High-spirited persons – Excitement of men – Adventurous persons –
Events – Surprises – Days or years of excitement or reforms — Physical tension – Stressful lifestyles – Heart
attacks – Strokes

SU=NO/AD 16°18′ (83°48′) 0°52′
Break off of personal contacts – Confinement – Standstills relating to activities – Days or years of
obstruction/s affecting relationships – Deaths with associates

SU=PL/CU 17°27′ (84°57′) 0°17′
Development of potential relating to associations – Social development of potential relating to individuals –
Increases relating to social integration – Holistic or organic growth – Artistic innovations or renovations –
Interchanges relating to associations – Days or years of or communal transitions – Readjustments,
restructuring, or resolutions relating to family – Substantial changes in connection with husbands –
Substantial changes affecting marriages

SU=NE/VU; 17°39′ (40°09′) 0°29′
Invisible influences relating especially to men – Actions relating to private persons – Subtle power or impact –
Unrecognized strength or influence – Major personal sacrifices – Subtle pressures – Fighting deception or
confusion — Days or years of great uncertainty or instability or idleness – Actions relating to confusion or
chaos – Men low on energy – Loss of physical strength or potency – Loss of personal influence – Major
personal losses – Intense uncertainty or deceit.

SU=NO/ZE 17°54′ (62°54′) 0°44′
Beginnings relating to partnerships – Working associations especially among men – Initiation of personal or
physical contacts – Contacts among working groups – Joint physical efforts – Days or years of creative
contacts, or beginnings in relationships – Men’s cooperative assignments – Athletes’ or marksmen’s clubs –
Contact with ignitions or fire – Contacts with military personnel — Feverish or compulsive personal contacts

SU=SA/CU 18°03′ (40°33′) 0°53′
steadfast – enduring – persistent – attached to family – attracted to mature persons – socially withdrawn –
skilled with functional or tactile or functional arts – Dealers in historical arts — socially alienated – unsociable
– hard to reach – inhibited – restrained or restricted – isolated – socially indifferent
* Stabilizing marriages – Perseverance relating to husbands and cooperation – Historical art objects – Unity
despite physical departures or distancing – Days or years of shared or social problems – Restraint/s or
separations affecting communal life — Organic or holistic physical problems – Physically manifest problems
in the family

SU=VE/PL 18°03′ (85°33′) 0°53′
Convalescence or recovery of health – Emotionally engaging readjustments or transitions – Pleasures
relating to exchanges of men – Compulsory changes relating to love of men.

SU=AD/VU 18°08′ (85°38′) 0°58′ exercises self-control – persistent – has
strong resistance – sturdy – conserves; maintains – capable of hard or heavy or demanding work – heavyduty
– has stamina – firm – careful – cautious – overcomes limitations – Specialists — impeded – awkward –
cramped – slow – strait-laced – contrary – unemployed – passive or inactive – unyielding – rigid – obstructed –
tense – stiff – hardened – sometimes drastic or forceful – needs flexibility
* Enduring personal influence – Specialized assignments – Stabilization relating to physical strength – Days
or years of persistent influence – Influence relating to land or real estate – Establishment of physical
boundaries – Powerful physical resistance – Overcoming of obstruction/s – Intensive restraint/s — Endings
relating to work – Days or years of minimized work – Decreases relating to power – Major physical
impediments – Actions contributing to blockage – Powerful or forceful obstruction/s – Brutal violence – Violent

The New Moon Chart along with Astro-CartoGraphy is really an interesting way to forecast anything related to earthy related things. I always been fascinated with how you can predict anything.
Years ago before I got into astrology, I was watching a History Channel presentation of people predicting the future which the main subject is the late great Edgar Cayce!
Before that they showed the Medieval Astrologer Robert Zoller making a prediction before 911. I was simply blown away and even after the events of 911 I wanted to get into this art form 🙂
Earthquake hits off Argentina coast; no damages

Sun, Jan 17 08:56 PM

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the southern coast of Argentina on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but there were no reports of injuries or damages.

The quake was centered about 220 miles (355 km) southeast of Ushuaia, Argentina, at a depth of 6.2 miles (10 km), USGS said. It struck at 8 a.m. local time (1200 GMT).

No tsunami warnings were issued by the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center or the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

“The quake was not felt in Ushuaia and there are no victims or damages,” Hector Varela, an Argentine civil defense official told the Telam state-run news agency.

So I cast a New Moon for that area
New Moon Nov 16 2009
Nov 16 2009
4:13:43 pm
BZT2 +3:00

and here I notice that Pluto on the MC
Pluto and Uranus are the Rulers for Earth Quakes. Saturn is in the sixth House.
Uranus is in the 12th

The Twelfth House is about endings. It is about hidden strengths and weaknesses. It is also about institutions such as hospitals, jails, libraries and the armed services. Other exoteric and esoteric keywords include: Institutions, fears, hidden enemies, the collective unconscious, spirituality, unredeemed karma, selfless service to humanity.

The Ninth House is about higher learning. It covers academic subjects, law, religion, publishing, foreign culture, sport, overseas travel and philosophy. Other exoteric and esoteric keywords include: Philosophy, religion, higher education, distant travel, cultural learning, publishing, the journey along the Path, the Ageless Wisdom, akashic records.

The MC= 05Cap conjoins with Fixed star: KAUS BOREALIS
With the same stars it may have been the Akkadian Anu-ni-tum, said to have been associated with the great goddess Istar.

Guirand notes,

woe to him whom Ishtar had honoured! The fickle goddess treated her passing lovers cruelly, and the unhappy wretches usually paid dearly for the favours heaped on them. Animals, enslaved by love, lost their native vigour: they fell into traps laid by men or were domesticated by them.

Descent into the underworld One of the most famous myths[4] about Ishtar describes her descent to the underworld. In this myth, Ishtar approaches the gates of the underworld and demands that the gatekeeper open them:

If thou openest not the gate to let me enter,
I will break the door, I will wrench the lock,
I will smash the door-posts, I will force the doors.
I will bring up the dead to eat the living.
And the dead will outnumber the living.

“As for the Archer, when the foremost portion of his cloak rises, he will give birth to hearts renowned in war and will conduct the conqueror, celebrating great triumphs in the sight of all, to his country’s citadels. Such a one will build high walls (moenia from Latin murus) one moment and pull them down the next. But if Fortune favors them too generously with success, the mark of her envy is to be seen on their faces, for she works cruel havoc upon their features. So was it that a dread warrior* paid for his victories at the Trebia, Cannae, and the Lake, even before the hour of his retreat, with such disfigurement.”


Here is another example of New and Full Moon Charts applied to a Astro- Cartography and this includes a little Uranian Astrology which is another way to see events using the so called “Planetary Pictures”
This is a bit long and I know there are other aspects too but I feel I should stick to just the important things.
First a little history on the quake;

“San Francisco Earthquake” (source From Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia).
1906 San Francisco earthquake
Date April 18, 1906 (1906-04-18)
Magnitude 7.9 Mw
Depth 8 kilometres (5.0 mi)[1]
Epicenter location San Francisco
regions affected United States
(San Francisco Bay Area)
Casualties 3,000+ killed

The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was a major earthquake that struck San Francisco, CA and the coast of Northern California at 5:12 A.M. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906. The most widely accepted estimate for the magnitude of the earthquake is a moment magnitude (Mw) of 7.8; however, other values have been proposed, from 7.7 to as high as 8.25.
The main shock epicenter occurred offshore about 2 miles (3 km) from the city, near Mussel Rock. It ruptured along the San Andreas Fault both northward and southward for a total of 296 miles (477 km). Shaking was felt from Oregon to Los Angeles, and inland as far as central Nevada. The earthquake and resulting fire are remembered as the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States alongside the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. The death toll from the earthquake and resulting fire, estimated to be above 3,000, is the greatest loss of life from a natural disaster in California’s history.

As damaging as the earthquake and its aftershocks were, the fires that burned out of control afterward were even more destructive. It has been estimated that up to 90% of the total destruction was the result of the subsequent fires. Over 30 fires, caused by ruptured gas mains, destroyed approximately 25,000 buildings on 490 city blocks. Worst of all, many were started when firefighters, untrained in the use of dynamite, attempted to demolish buildings to create firebreaks, which resulted in the destruction of more than 50% of the buildings that would have otherwise survived. The city’s Fire Chief, Dennis T. Sullivan, who would have been responsible, had died in the initial quake. The dynamited buildings themselves often caught fire. In all, the fires burned for four days and nights.

Chart interpretation:
Casting the chart for that event of The San Francisco Earth Quake. I found somethings relevant to this event. 18Aries22 is the Asc. Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries. Mars rules Opposition forces. Fire. Arson and incendiary.
Mars is in The First House
– The country and its inhabitants as a whole; its general condition of prosperity and health or the reverse.
Mars Debilitated in Taurus:
Mars by detriment and Mars is close to the 2nd House cusp. 2nd House is about real estate, property- money- Taurus is the 2nd House ruler and Venus is in Aries and the 1st House. Signs of detriment for Venus is Aries

The 6th House ruler is Virgo. The 6th rules sickness and health.
Public health is shown by the 1st house but tthe 6th house highlighted will indicate periods of national vulnerability to epidemics and widespread diseases.

Mercury is in the 12th House of institutions governing those who are weak, infirm, or in need of support, and as a result, the welfare state. Homeless people, the wounded and infirm.
Mercury does symbolizes earthquakes according to Ptolemy.

Mercury is 07Aries33 Rx and is conjunction with
Fixed star: ALGENIB.
Influences: According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Mars and Mercury. The constellation gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment.
Of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives notoriety, dishonor, violence, misfortune, and denotes the naked and poor professional beggar. Quick temper, mental disturbances, success in legal and other disputes.

Uranus also rules Earth Quakes. Uranus conjoins the MC and this planet UR is retro- MC a powerful angle- rules the mind. Uranus conjuncts
Fixed star: FACIES:
“Much blamed for accidents and broken limbs and so on. The Latin name is from the verb Facere, to make or do something, and it is often said to portend accidents due to the victim’s own careless actions”
The MC is 10CAP24. The MC is conjoined with Fixed star: NUNKI:
With Uranus: aggressive, high government or business position, early disgrace, especially if female, favorable for marriage in middle age, sudden gains and losses, many friends, natural death. Remember that Uranus is Retrograde.

If Saturn is symbolizes by death. Saturn conjoins the Fixed star: ACHERNAR;
According to Ptolemy all the stars with the exception of Achernar are like Saturn. Eridanus gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning.

The New and Full Moon Charts: ASTRO- CARTOGRAPHY MAP
Bringing up the search on New and Full Moon and it’s purpose to look for a sign for any event that could be view on Astro- Cartography Maps. There is a time where you can see where the planets from the charts are viewed. So in a short time period within a month before this tragic and historic event it is evident.

I found that the Full Moon Chart dated March 10th 1906 at 12:17:07pm where it looks like Uranus is a strong indicator of a major earth quake since it rules earth quakes. Uranus below the Dsc line in the 6th House of sickness. Right there on the map is the line for Uranus just off the coast of California along with Neptune on the Asc!
Neptune signifies ambushes; chaos; covert alliances; deceptions, including deceptive schemes and ventures; democratic and popular movements; ; emotion; erotic appreciation; exiles; false hope; feeling; frauds; illusion and delusion; imagination.

The line for the Sun intersects close to the area of this earth quake and the Moon is not that far off. Both Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other. It is interesting that both lines of Uranus and Neptune are running parallel along the earth quake fault!


I also have done some Uranian Planetary Pictures which I have on the Sun’s axis and here are the pictures.

San Francisco Earth Quake
Natal Chart : Wednesday Apr.18.1906 05h 12 am (13h 12 UT), 08h09m40sW
– 37N46 San Francisco -CALIFORNIA
SU=AR/MC 05°12′ (50°12′)
* revitalizing – energetic – vivacious – healthy – efficient – animated – compelling – untiring – physically
resilient — sometimes overbearing
* Me and personal relationships to the public world – Personalized approach in public settings – To be
widely-recognized out in the world – Personal vitality – Individual beings – Individual form/figure/physique –
My appearances out in the world

SU=AR/UR 04°43′ (49°43′)
* intuitive – progressive; innovative – original – dynamic – responds quickly – unpredictable – stimulating –
technically-inclined – mathematically-inclined – gifted with rhythm – reformist – likes the new or innovative –
future-oriented — willfully contrary – easily upset – tense or stressed – impatient – spasmodic – impulsive
* Personal premonitions – Intuitive people – Surprises out in the world – Astonishment in public settings –
Adventurous people – Days or years of surprise, tension, or stress out in public — Widespread tension
especially among men – Restless or turbulent times – Nervousness out in the world – Public unrest –
Lightning flashes

SU=AS/PL 04°43′ (49°43′)
* skilled at developing or improving – eager to make contact – seeks to adapt or adjust – capable at
restructuring or transforming – spontaneous – seeks to develop potential, alter, or exchange — transitional;
unsettled – ambivalent during transitions — abuses trust or dependency if unevolved – subject to reversals
* Environmental alterations in relation to men – Physical interchanges in interactions – Mutual development
of potential – Days or years of alterations or development – Physical functions and processes – Digestion,
nutrition, or physical assimilation issues – Encountering transitions or conversions or metamorphoses
relating to others – Compulsory physical or manifest alterations

SU=SU/SA 04°29′ (04°29′)
* serious – focused – discreet – reserved – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – steadfast
– enduring – persistent – slow but steady – pragmatic – restrained or restricted – easily embarrassed — misses
opportunities by acting too late – has difficulty making contact – distant – inhibited – stuck in the past –
awkward – paralyzed or trapped – cold – needs to overcome the past
* Personal restraint/s – Manifestation of maturation – Maturing husbands – Physical maturity – Problems
relating especially to men or humanity – Distancing or departures of individuals — Demanding or problematic
days or years – Physical limitations or hindrances – Delays – Difficult times

SU=SU/HA 06°01′ (06°01′)
* private – low-profile – populist – cautious – retrospective – questioning or skeptical – interested in historical
or causal factors – needs to overcome the past – interested in unseen or unclarified factors – interested in
nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – needs timing and historical/causal perspective – deals with health
issues – needs refinement – needs to attend to errors, defects, or deficiencies – concealed or hidden away —
unhygienic or unhealthy – indifferent or neglectful – secretive – negative in attitude – shunned – envious –
needs to forgive – stuck in the past – not always reliable – dependent – corrupted – abuses trust or
dependency if unevolved – may need help
* Dealings with private or obscure matters – Privacy involving men – Unfamiliar persons or objects –
Dealings with health issues – Maturing or aging men – Life in the background – Personal discrimination or
handicaps or disadvantage/s – Dirty or soiled persons or objects — Physical defects or deficiencies –
Physical malformations – Breakdowns, damages, or injuries relating especially to men – Physical depletion
or exhaustion – Health issues or illnesses – Primitive or primal men – Physical need for assistance – Days or
years of trouble or risk or disadvantage – Outcast persons or objects

SU=MO/AD 05°13′ (72°43′)
* stable – enduring – steady – persistent – introspective – self-disciplined – conserves; maintains – likes
solitude – rugged – pragmatic – retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – needs to overcome
the past — rigid – restrained or restricted; confined – unexpressive – inhibited – self-conscious – oppressed;
resigned – sad or depressive – contrary – averse to new impressions – self-absorbed
* Consolidation relating to partnerships – Persistent husbands – Steadfast wives – Mutual perseverance or
restraint/s – Serious hours or times – Mutual boundaries – Repeated separations or departures affecting
partnerships – Coagulation in body functions — Rigidity affecting body functions – Mutual ruptures – Endings
relating to partnerships – Hours of gloom or regret – Stagnation – Deaths

SU=NO/UR 05°27′ (27°57′)
* instinctive – future-oriented – progressive; innnovative – reformist – spontaneous – agile – quick to size up
situations – drawn to the unusual – enjoys social contacts – gifted with rhythm – skilled with technology –
transitional; unsettled — unpredictable – impulsive – willfully contrary – erratic – spasmodic – jumps to
conclusions – tense – easily upset – may need stability
* Stimuli or excitement in contact especially with men – Unexpected contacts of/especially with men –
Surprising or unexpected connections relating to husbands – Adventurous relationships with husbands –
Days or years of surprising or technical contacts – Social reform — Disruptions or upsets over associations
especially with men – Tension in connections between men

SU=SA/HA 05°26′ (72°56′)
* retrospective – interested in historical or causal factors – needs to overcome the past – skeptical –
interested in nonsolid, nonphysical, or unseen factors – deals responsibly with misfortune – deals with health
issues – seriously concerned – needs optimism — hindered by illness – handicapped by limitations – low on
energy – poor – meager – stuck in the past – sometimes contrary yet sometimes too easily swayed – negative
in attitude – hostile
* Continual personal privacy – Dealings with ongoing problems – Deep and serious or critical concerns –
Dealings with chronic health issues – Sedimentation – Problems relating to damages or injuries – Continual
individualized solicitude – Persistence or continuity with adversities – Days or years of ongoing serious or
critical concern – Physical maturation or aging issues — Property deterioration concerns – Problems
involving physical deficiencies or defects – Ongoing health problems – Separations or departures relating to
need for correction or reparation – Enduring worries or fears – Brittleness in maturing or aging persons –
Days or years of serious discrimination or handicaps or disadvantage/s

SU=AD/VU 04°41′ (27°11′)
* exercises self-control – persistent – has strong resistance – sturdy – conserves; maintains – capable of hard
or heavy or demanding work – heavy-duty – has stamina – firm – careful – cautious – overcomes limitations –
Specialists — impeded – awkward – cramped – slow – strait-laced – contrary – unemployed – passive or
inactive – unyielding – rigid – obstructed – tense – stiff – hardened – sometimes drastic or forceful – needs
* Enduring personal influence – Specialized assignments – Stabilization relating to physical strength – Days
or years of persistent influence – Influence relating to land or real estate – Establishment of physical
boundaries – Powerful physical resistance – Overcoming of obstruction/s – Intensive restraint/s — Endings
relating to work – Days or years of minimized work – Decreases relating to power – Major physical
impediments – Actions contributing to blockage – Powerful or forceful obstruction/s – Brutal violence – Violent


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