Astrological References

Planetary notations for all to read

As an astrologer and doing allot of time researching as to what are the colors according to planets in the heavens.

The following is a re notation of an old reference that I have been reading over the years as an astrologer.

Planets and Colors

Motto: Unsuitable colors have a way of creating a conflicting atmosphere in your own character. – Olavi J. Asikainen, Finnish astrologer


Golden color and golden yellow belong to Sun-ruled Leo-types … golden lamé evening dress is perfect for a Leo woman. Yellow and reddish yellow belong also to Leo.


Moon’s colors are white and light yellowish colors and gray. … In addition light blue and sea green belong to the sign of Cancer.


Light gray and silvery color shades are ruled by Mercury. Also light color combinations and fabrics with light sparkling color shades. These belong especially to Geminians but are well suited also for Virgoans. In addition yellow is good for a Gemini… and purple and different shades of lilac and white for a Virgo.


Bright but not glaring blues and greens belong to Taurus and Libra, because they are the colors of their ruling planet, Venus. Also white.


Mars nature is stronger and red is its color. It’s especially the color of those born in Aries; fiery red gives life to their active nature. Red combined with black also qualifies well for Mars-ruled Scorpions, but otherwise dark and muddy greens belong to their colors.


Blue, purple and yellow belong to Jupiter and thus they look well on Sagittarians … also scarlet and shades of bright red belong to this sign.


Dark greens, browns and grays and also black give expression to a Capricornian nature … these colors belong to the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, and thus people of this type often dress themselves in somewhat gloomy colors.


Dark blue is characteristic of Uranus. In addition violet, which also belongs to Aquarians.


Pale browns and ash-gray shades belong to Pisces. Yet the Piscean type is ruled by Neptune and Neptune with its own colors brightens up Piscean shades. Neptune gives to his own the combination of all the colors in a rainbow.

These are some examples of  How colors are represented in each of the astrological houses as follows;

1st House


White and pale colours. Lilly notes: “if you enquire after the colour of the clothes of any man, if his significator be in the first house, and in a sign corresponding, the party’s apparel is white or grey, or somewhat near that colour, so also if the question be for cattle, when their significators are found in this house, it denotes them to be of that colour or near it”.

The symbolism of ‘white colour’ relates to the Sun’s movement over the ascendant bringing light.

2nd House



3rd House



4th House



5th House


Lilly says ‘black and white, or Honey colour’. It’s possible that by ‘black and white’, he means a colour that is neither too dark or too light.

6th House


Dark colours.

7th House


Black and very dark colours. Simmonite says blue-brown.

8th House


Dark green.

9th House


Light green

10th House


Pink, light red

11th House



12th House




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