The 4 Seasons of Green Chile

I like to take this opportunity to explain in my blog briefly

The 4 Seasons of Green Chile

Green Chile as everyone around here in the area where I live would always have the opportunity to purchase a large burlap sack of Green Chile. I was hired by my department to roast customers’ green chile, when one the 3 rd day of my venture that a sack of Green Chile is like the 4 Seasons:


I realized that when I opened a sack of these beautiful chilies and saw the dynamic colors and the freshness of the Chile! Spring is the promise of something very new, fresh and vibrant!


Summer is a time of Hot change in the season!  I would always remember how hot the job is and as the

Propane afterburners were lit the let the roasting begin!

We can see how hot this job can be but the aroma is so incredible and the crackle of the Chile seems to roast off the skin

as the flames of summer consume the outer part of the Chile!


The Fall season is the time of Harvest!

Also to describe in a sense that when the Chile are finished with

the Summer season the the door of  roaster is released and all the

Good Stuff comes out  and it is ready for harvest time! This is the time

to spend peeling the Chile and get them ready for the next season….


It is time to freeze you batch a time to store for the winter

season! All harvested and ready to go into that deep freeze to

store them. 🙂


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