Stink Bugs Taking Area by Swarm

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For years I have been wondering about the art of Horary Astrology and wanted to delineate a chart for the purpose of my learning and knowledge of astrology. I want to enter this in my blog for you the reader can view this.

First up, I was not sure about Horary Astrology and never really cared for it through out my life until just recently. I wanted to make sense of it and I am just a “Student in Astrology”  My past posts on this topic has driven me to explore more possibilities on topics that are in the news.

With that said I was going about my business checking on my mail, Twitter and other things when I cam across this little news story about the Stink Bug Invasion  that is happening according to this report, in the Washington DC area! So I focused in on that area of the United States.

Stink Bugs Taking Area by Swarm

There is the actual report I saw at 8:58:14 am


in Albuquerque, NM

So I cast the chart for that time after I read this report on those pesky insects.

This will be just a simple Horary interpretations on just the bugs.

So I look at the chart and I see that on the Asc (Ascendant) we have Libra Rising  and the planetary ruler for Libra is Venus. Venus is in Scorpio but she is placed in between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio- a really bad position for her location based on Horary rules as I know.

Venus is the planetary ruler for Libra and Venus also rules annoying and jumping  insects!

These bugs are aggressive in their quest to advance in the eastern part of the country! The ASC  generally illustrates the location of the east when Venus is in the Northeast closer to the 2nd house which is more geared toward the Northeast. I am in the Southwest area of this country so that I am viewing where the bugs are! Could the bugs be coming from the North due to the climate conditions of the upcoming change of the seasons? YES!

I took a look at the 8th house, ruled by Taurus and I find this interesting that Venus is also the planetary ruler for Taurus. The 8th house is all about bugs because this house natural sign ruler is Scorpio! Look what sign Vevus is under~ SCORPIO! Scorpio Rules bugs in general. Scorpio rules places of “Stench” and since these bugs are Stink bugs and people can kill them then these buggers let out a stench as a method of self defense!

The Moon is generally the co-significator and the Moon is in the 6th house which is a weak house. Cancer rules the 10 house of Authority.

I see that Mercury the planet that symbolizes  communication sextiles the insects and Virgo on the cusp of the 11th house of friends! So you bet there will be communication among friends!

Ok, so I read that the Stink bugs bite? YES THEY DO And the Planet that ruse that is Mars!


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