My YouTube EssentialDegnities Channel

Dear Reader.
I am a man that loves music and in this information age, loves to be informed. I never seen or read anything on the way people can show other people How to make a video for their sites or just in General. But there is a burning desire to reach inside to put together theories that has effected my style.
I was alone with thoughts and ideas and to build me a channel worthy for anyone that loves music and video!
I researched the internet and found out really nothing on simple ways to make a video. I myself have an associates degree in “Advertising Art” but I went to school way before there was internet for the General public and also the fact that there were no such thing as doing any sort of videos like the way YouTube or any other video “broadcast yourself” platform availability is now!
So here I was just wondering how to make videos for this channel that I created for my then wife and my new born son! Astrologically, My channel was created under a VOC Moon but I never knew this at the time! I felt I should not do anything with this channel until later!

Later I will start to give you some insight as to how I produce a video based on music theory..

Here is my Channel

And here is a Very interesting video I did!


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