Horary Astrology:”Why Did the Jumbo Jet, make an Emergency Landing in Singapore?”

I was on on of the news outlets when I saw a Head Line: UPDATE: Qantas jumbo makes emergency landing in Singapore...

As an Astrologer I wanted to test Horary Astrology to see what I can come up with .

1) So I first understood the question.

2) Cast the Horary Chart

3)Look for Planetary, Signs, and Houses.

There are other things that I can spend some time researching but, All I want to know is “Why” this plane had to make this landing in Singapore?

So I cast the Chart: I noted the time here in Albuquerque, New Mexico was 8:50 pm MST


So the rising sign for this chart is 09 Sagittarius 54 and the question is about the airplane. Sagittarius is one of the rulers of things that are of air travel things and some items and in this case we want to find things relating to the plane.

The planetary ruler for Sagittarius is Jupiter and this planet is retrograde and it is in the house of communications and short journeys!

Airway Travel and Transport are all ruled by: 3rd House, Mercury, 9th House and Sagittarius.

So Mercury is in the 12th house, a weak house, The ruler of the 7th House is Cadent. Gemini is the Lord of the 7th and the planetary ruler is Mercury in the 12th House!

The Secondary ruler in this case is the Moon but it is Via Cumbusta; located between15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio, in the 10th House of Authorities.

So also an airline or plane is ruled by Uranus. Aquarius can also be included. I can see that Uranus is located in the 4th House of grounds,” Home ” which can be said that the airliner had to return back home.

It is interesting to note that the planet Pluto is in the first House and conjoined with the North Node.


If I were to “Turn the Chart” to place the 9th House to the 1st House, it would look like this:

I know that Airlines is represented by the 9th House so if I had to turn the Chart I would put this House to the 1st House.

9th House is ruled by Airplanes and Long Journeys and that is what this aircraft’s destination was, to go to Sydney Australia, But the Sun is the Planetary Ruler for Leo. Look where the Sun is Located…in the 3rd House of short Journeys! It is also close to the 4th House Cusp of the 4th House! This House is all about the Home Base! There is Mercury (air Travel) in the 4th
and Uranus (airplane) in the8th House of fear anxiety and loss

Uranus also represent “Engines” This planet in the 8th House.

I my heart goes out to everyone that made it back safely and I am sure that it was a terrifying event. Leo is noted as a sign of fire and explosiveness. The first chart shows that Mercury in the 12th house of Fear!.


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    Dec 25, 2010 @ 15:12:07

    Good one thanks for sharing. have a happy holday and happy newyear
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