Cuisines From India to Spice Up Your Life!

It is also considered to be one of the old diverse cuisines of the world.
Indian cuisine varies from region to region depending on the diverse Indian subcontinent.

The Vast Sub-continent of India offers a range of culinary delights as rich and diverse as its people and history.
Northern North Indian cuisine is distinguished by the proportionally high use of dairy products like ghee, milk, paneer, and yoghurt.
Other ingredients like chilies, saffron, and nuts are also commonly used.

North Indian cooking features the use of the “tawa” for making roti and paratha, and “tandoor” for making naan, and kulcha and also main courses like tandoori chicken.
The samosa is a popular North Indian snack, and it is now commonly found in other parts of India, Central Asia and the Middle East also.
Minced meat, cheese mushroom and chick pea are also used for filling.
Popular snacks, side-dishes and drinks include mirchi bada, buknu, bhujiya, chaat, kachori, jalebi, imarti, several types of pickles,murabba, sharbat, aam panna and aam papad.
Some common North Indian foods such as the various kebabs and most of the meat dishes originated with interaction with muslims.
The dosa, idli, vada, bonda and bajji are typical South Indian favorites, which are generally consumed as breakfast.
Each Andhra, Chettinad, Tamil, Hyderabadi, Mangalorean, and Kerala cuisines have different tastes and ways of cooking .
In Andhra food excessive amounts of chilies are used.
Maharashtrian cuisine can be divided into two sections based on the geographical sections.
The hilly regions of the Western Ghats and Deccan plateau regions use groundnut instead of coconut and depend more on sorghum and millet as staples.
Many Gujarati dishes have a hint of sweetness due to use of sugar or brown sugar.
Saraswat cuisine forms an important part of coastal Konkani Indian cuisine.
This area’s cuisine is more influenced by its neighbors, namely Burma and the China.
Yak is a popular meat in this part of India Eastern East Indian cuisine is famous for its sweets such as rasagolla, chumchum, sandesh, rasabali, chhena poda, chhena gaja, and kheeri.
Apart from sweets, East India cuisine offers delights of posta (poppy seeds).
Generally ingredients such as mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black cumin, green chillies and cumin paste are used in Bengali curries.
Curries are classified into bata (paste), bhaja (fries), chochchoree (less spicy vapourized curries) and jhol (thin spicy curries).
Fish is commonly consumed in the eastern India, especially in Bengal.
A regular meal consists of many side dishes made of vegetables.
Deep fried, shallow fried and mashed vegetables are also very popular.

In India, food is most often eaten without cutlery, using instead the fingers of the right hand.
A universal aspect of presentation is the thali, a large plate with samplings of different regional dishes accompanied by raita, breads such as naan, puri, or roti, and rice.

Indian spices have an old and long history in Indian culture.
And as the world discovered the beautiful and distinct tastes of spices from India, more and more people have fallen in love with Indian cuisine as well.

There is Asafoetida.

Also known as the devil’s dung, this herb is actually a relative of the parsley family and is most known for its distinctive and pungent taste.
Asafoetida is mainly used for cooking lentils and beans and is a very important ingredient for cheewra – a dish made up of grains and various sorts of fruits and spices.
They are used to flavor curries and other kinds of rice dishes.
The seed is the one mainly used for cooking.
This is considered to be the second most expensive spice in the world.
They are mainly used to spice up curries and even ice creams and other sweet dishes or desserts.
The seed has a variety of tastes, depending on the age that it was harvested.

Also Cayenne.
Cayenne has an attractive bright red hue and is a well loved ingredient not just for its taste but for its color as well.
Cayenne powder is not as hot as chili but has its own kick that will surely make that dish memorable.
This is considered to be the hottest spice on earth.
Chilies are available in fresh or in powdered form.

So there you have it the heart and soul of Indian food.
So if you plan on cooking up authentic Indian dishes in your kitchen, make sure that you have those spices on hand.


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