The Importance of Organic Cooking

As we all know organic food not only is good for health because it does not contain any chemicals or additives, it also plays a big role in helping the environment.
However, many people have just a vague idea as to what constitutes as organic food.
The food is inspected by the US Department of Agriculture and the Department gives its approval for the food to be labeled as organic.

If cattle are given growth hormones make it grow fast so that the farmer can take the cattle to the abattoir, then the meat from the cattle will not classify as organic meat.
Also, any food that is grown using human waste or radiation, or preservatives is added to it to increase its shelf life is not considered organic food.
Therefore, these foods are not organic.

If possible, you should start cooking with organic foods today itself.
Also, you will be doing the environment a big favor.
These chemical find their way into the soil, ground water as well as different water bodies polluting the air, soil and water.

Why Cook Organic

Organic foods are free of man-made chemicals, poisons, and pesticides.
When you eat organic, you are supporting not just your own health but also that of the eco-systems where the organic produce was raised.
This helps to maintain the health and diversity of the soil.
By supporting organic farming we create awareness in our community about the health and social benefits of green cuisine.

Consider cooking more meals with ingredients that are cultivated with cleaner resources that require less maintenance.
Fish that are farmed in pens, like salmon, pollute the ocean environment with their own waste.

Food is a gift from the earth to our bodies – we need it to stay alive, to play, to work, even sleep.
When we eat natural food grown with sunshine, we are putting long lasting ‘clean’ energy and life into our bodies.
Are you a pasta lover? If you use water, vegetable broth, or chicken stock to cook rice or pasta, try not to waste the excess by throwing it out-leftover broth makes an ideal base for a soup.
The same goes for leftovers that can be fed to plants or composted just as easily.
You don’t need to be an expert gardener or have a massive garden or greenhouse to start making use of your own green fingers.
All you need is a window-box, sunshine, and plenty of positive dedication-bon appetit!

When you purchase organic beef and other varieties of sustainable meat, you can rest assured that these are free from antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and that the animal grown to produce the meat was not fed genetically modified feed.

Many people claim that organic food tastes better, and that they feel a noticeable boost in their overall health and energy level when the majority of the food they consume is organic.
It means eliminating or minimizing preservatives, synthetic chemicals, refined sugars, refined (empty) carbohydrates, saturated fats and acidic foods.

Buy, cook and eat healthy, organic foods. 🙂


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