Camping Food Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip? Consider a Picnic!

The more camping food ideas you have, the better your camping trip will be, so let’s get going and start brainstorming.
When you’re ready, all you have to do is toss them on the grill or cook stove for about 20 minutes or so and you’ll have a perfectly done chicken meal.
The key is to ensure that you have single servings in each packet for optimum results.
Add onions and butter or olive oil for a great, home cooked meal.

Think you can’t eat fish while you’re out? Think again: you can prepare your favorite fish the way you prepared your chicken and that’s healthy camping eating at its best.
Prepare pancake batter before you leave home, but make sure to keep it cold and grilled cheese is portable and easy to make.

Another camping food idea is to brown some ground beef or turkey and store it, when it’s time to cook, add chopped onion, kidney beans and a can of chili beans.
You can serve this over rice or on its own, depending on your tastes.
Very easy and very portable.
The beauty part of it is that you don’t have to be locked into the same old meals because you can prepare these in advance and pack them in individual packets.
You can accomplish this by packing your meal packets into a storage zipper bag and double bag that.
You should know that you can make almost anything when you’re camping, with a little advanced planning and work before you leave, so no more weenie roasts on a stick to keep from starving on your next camping trip, you’re going to eat like a gourmet.

Picnic Plans Anyone?

When preparing a picnic meal keep it simple and play with the flavours and aromas.
Picnics are the best occasion to encourage your kids to inculcate good and healthy eating habits.
Thus, no one wants to follow sophisticated table manners.
Keep hassle free finger foods like or you can also keep a barbeque and serve grilled food, which are delicious, filling and easy to eat.
Plus, the appetizers will keep them from getting hungry till the time you decide to start the lunch.

For appetizers arrange a platter of raw vegetables like cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, asparagus, etc and serve it with one or two nice dips.
You can probably keep one salsa dip and other a celery-sour cream dip.
Instead of accompanying the platter with usually fried and unhealthy chips, try baked chips.

Sandwiches: Sandwiches are easy to make and does not take much time.
You can get hundred of different recipes from the internet.

Desserts and Fruits: A meal is incomplete without a dessert.
Cut different fruits and top them up on whipped cream and garnish it with golden honey.

Barbeque: If you are planning to set up a barbeque and serve your guests with freshly grilled scrumptious meats, then you can go in for frozen burger patties, kebabs, sausages, etc that are readily available in stores.
In herbs, flavoured olive oil, etc in advance.
Serve the barbeque dishes with readymade barbeque sauce or the freshly prepared two dips mentioned in the appetizer section.
Stock up lots of bottled water because children tend to be quiet active on picnics, and can get dehydrated.
Easy to cook, easy to eat, delicious and nutritious food items can make picnic all the more enjoyable.



Chicken Dinner to Consider Tonight- Any Night!

Chicken is one in all my favourite foods. As a health aware eater, I wish to eat low fats, white meat. It may be a bit dry, so it needs recipes that convey out the flavor. I normally have some kind of chicken dinner twice a week. I even have chicken salads for my lunch in warm weather and I’ve been known to my family to make selfmade chicken broth in the depth of winter. I also prefer to have chicken soup when I am ill. I know it’s a cliche, nevertheless it really makes you feel higher when you’re down in the dumps.

There tip for roasting chicken in the oven is to place slices of oranges and bacon on the bird. This helps to maintain the moisture, stopping it from drying out too much. I don’t like retailer purchased stuffing, so I experiment with my own. It is always slightly totally different every time but the common components embody sausage meat, sage, and basil, all binded together with a few overwhelmed eggs. I then prefer to serve with onion gravy. A fried chicken dinner is at all times tasty, especially if cooked in some top quality oil. If you’re slimming, you can take the pores and skin off.

I additionally make chicken casserole with carrots, swede, mushrooms and button onions in red wine gravy. It’s delicious, served with mashed potatoes. Chicken and mushroom pie is one other favourite, made with buttery, flaky pastry. Chicken is good for stir fries. It cooks quickly and absorbs the other flavors within the pan. It is a good chicken dinner if you happen to’re in a hurry and you should use left over vegetables. I use baby corn-cobs, thin strips of carrot and mange tout. Dowse some soy sauce on it and serve with rice.

Chicken salads are very tasty. They are made with cherry tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, cucumber, peppers and spring onions. Generally, add fruit comparable to peaches or pineapple. It goes effectively with a freshly baked baguette. Additionally stuff Greek pitta bread with chicken and strips of onion and cucumber. It makes a filling chicken dinner and is properly washed down with a lightweight, fruity wine.

Lastly, homemade chicken soup is a particular deal with on a cold, winter’s day. Boil some stock from the carcass and add the ingredients. You’ll be able to actually add what you need but I like to use barley and root vegetables. Try to use all of the soup in at some point, as it’s not a good idea to maintain re-heating it.

Cooking With Tofu….Why Not!

In the event you aren’t a vegetarian now and have not been one in  the past, you most likely also haven’t eaten tofu many  times. In fact, the one time most individuals hear about tofu it’s in jokes aimed toward vegetarians.

So why is it that vegetarians eat this stuff on a regular basis? Is is it simply because they don’t have any other choice?

The reply is each yes or no.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t suggest it’s a must to eat tofu. In  fact, there are many vegetarians who by no means eat tofu or any  fashionable meat-alternative dishes–corresponding to ‘veggie burgers”  or ‘tofurkey”–for that matter.

So long as they research and create meal plans, vegetarians can preserve a nutritious diet eating conventional meals or ethnic dishes.

Tofu is usually cited as something exclusively vegetarian  as a result of it is a versatile, highly-nutritional, and can be used to exchange meat dishes.

Not solely can or not it’s created in textures, consistencies, and flavors that simulate a variety of meats–from turkey to  hamburger–but it could also really change and much exceed  the nutritional value of similar meat dishes.

Whereas vegetarians don’t really must devour tofu, doing so is usually a smart dietary choice–and in addition the subsequent smartest thing to consuming similar meat products (for many who  loved meat dishes earlier than they turned vegetarians).

Tofu is a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-calorie food made  out of steamed and compressed soy beans. Not only is it an incredible source of protein–which many vegetarians lack–but  it is also heart-healthy and has been linked to a decreased risk in cancer.

In addition to being served as a meat alternative, tofu can be served in a variety of spicy and ethnic dishes, which  were by no means meant to contain meat. Many ethnic Indian  dishes include massive quantities of tofu cooked and spiced  in several ways.

So right here is my suggestion to you: In case you aren’t already a vegetarian, but want to change into one, don’t let tofu get in your way. You’ll be able to preserve a wholesome vegetarian  food plan without ever consuming it. Nonetheless, for those who already are a vegetarian, but haven’t tried tofu, I extremely counsel you  do. It’s both dietary and versatile – and it might not taste as bad as you think.

Fast, Easy and Wholesome Cooking Using a Wok.

The stir-fry cooking methodology using a wok originated in East Asia 1000’s of years ago. It is used for stir frying, however will also be used many other methods, reminiscent of in steaming, deep frying, braising, stewing, smoking, or making soup. Every kitchen in South East Asia stocks a number of completely different sizes, and all kinds of recipes have been handed on from technology to generation.

Shortage of fuel was the rationale the wok was created and the truth that steel working cultures started evolving around the same time.

This versatile spherical-bottomed cooking vessel makes it potential to move the meals round fast without utilizing a lot oil, which makes it much healthier than European or American cooking methods. The key of a great stir-fry is to cut the substances in chew dimension items, and veggies on the bias. On the bias means reduce at an obliquely edge, which supplies it more cooking surface.

If you stir-fry meat, you must heat the oil, add the meat and stir it round for a few minutes earlier than adding the rest of the ingredients. In a lot of fish recipes, you see that I add the onerous veggies first, then the tender veggies and then the fish. So what are arduous veggies: carrot, broccoli, turnip, cauliflower, greens, cabbage, sprouts, onion and so forth Gentle veggies are: sizzling peppers, bell peppers, Napa cabbage, spinach, arugala, cucumber You get the drift. By separating the vegetable in these two groups, you forestall the exhausting veggies to be too onerous and the mushy vegetables to be mush. Plus, by using this cooking methodology, you do not destroy the fiber and nutritional benefits of the ingredients.

Caribbean Tilapia Stir-Fry Tilapia is a very popular fish, often raised on farms. There are Tilapia farms in California, Arizona, but in addition in Costa Rica, the Philippines, Egypt, Honduras, China. As a result of properly organized farming, the price of tilapia may be very economical.

TOFU Inside and Out

Just Think~ the Many things that TOFU is.


Tofu is a superb Chinese “food”, made by curdling and pressing soy milk in a way similar to making cheese. Not surprisingly then, it is typically known as soy cheese. There are two big advantages of tofu; its wonderful nutritional worth and its versatility.

Tofu on Nutrition

Tofu, also known as beancurd, is extraordinarily nutritious. It is high in protein and a superb source of iron. It’s low in fat and ldl cholesterol free. For these reasons, it makes a superb meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans. Nevertheless, it is extremely generally used alongside meat in lots of Asian dishes and is much more than just a meat substitute.

Makes use of Tofu…

Tofu is most traditionally related to Asian meals but it lends itself to a huge number of dishes. The commonest types of tofu available to buy are firm or smooth (silken). Firm tofu is greatest in dishes like stir fries or curries while delicate tofu is nice for dressings and sweet dishes.

Straight from the packet, this easy ingredient has little flavour but that could be a massive part of what makes it so versatile. You can cut it up and prepare dinner it in a stir fry as it is however take some time to arrange it using the tips under and you’ll dramatically improve its flavour and texture.

Pressing tofu…

The pressing of tofu is stored in water and is normally pretty water-logged once you unwrap it at home. It is a good suggestion to press it by wrapping the whole block in paper towels and inserting a weight on it for about 20 minutes. It will remove that excess water giving your tofu an incredible texture and helping it to soak up flavours when cooked.


The Freezing of tofu…

Freezing is not just convenient. It gives your beancurd a chewier, slightly more “meaty” texture which might add extra depth to your tofu recipes. That is an particularly good method for stir fry recipes and it is a methodology utilized by many prime Chinese language restaurants.

Marinating tofu

As a result of tofu is naturally fairly bland, it works well with marinades. Reduce your block into chunk-sized items and marinate it before cooking to actually get essentially the most out of your tofu. Garlic, ginger, honey, soy sauce and chillies are all good ingredients in a marinade. Alternatively, use a sauce straight from the jar equivalent to barbeque or sweet chilli. An alternative choice is buying tofu that has already been marinated. Marinated tofu is available in many supermarkets and wholefood stores.

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